Thursday, 10 December 2009

Storm Warriors!!

Went Parade today after returning the remaining text books to school. Went there with some friends. Before going Parade, Zidane, Simon and I played basketball with Fong, Joe Hang and Hong Yuen. It was great.
Around 11am, Zidane, Simon, Wee Mun and me go to Parade. Then we meet up with Toon and Yu Quan there. We had breakfast at Junction Kopitiam and then go play bowling. Played 3 games coz got package. Russell, Yi Qin and Siew Tong arrived around 1pm.
After that, we decided to watch movie. STORM WARRIORS!!(風雲2)
Watched STORM WARRIORS with Zidane, Simon, Toon,Yu Quan, Wee Mun, Russell, Siew Tong and Yi Qin.

I personally like the movie very much.... Nice story line, Great effect, Awesome animation for the swords and attacks. The theme song was nice too.

The whole movie is about 2 hours++ . Usually when i watch movie in cinema I will feel boring one but when I watch STORM WARRIORS today... FUUH~ damn exciting untill I don't want to look anywhere but the screen.

Around 6.30pm like that my dad came and I went home. I had an exciting day today!! I like it!!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Room Gotong-royong

Alright... SPM finally over, so i decided to clean my room...haha
Now only i realise my room so messy. After cleaning it, my room looks so tidy.



I put all the unwanted notes, book, workbook and papers at one side.

Tied it together and ready to sell it to SURAT KHABAR LAMA man...

When cleaning my room, i dunno why i keep on staring at those notes, books, workbooks and papers for so long. Then, memories keep on flashing back in my head.
Just a blink of eye, my study life is over. I suddenly felt that i miss those good old days studying in school. Felt sad for a while. LOL. Dun ask me why, I also dunno why....
Anyways, a past is a past, u can't go back to the past.
Now I'm currently very free and I'm seeking a part-time job. Hope i can find one.
I also FOCUS DANCING now. Will be back to D'one in a week time. Hip Hop class. I hope Yumiko can give me more chance to perform...haha
I think thats all for now. Signing off. Bye

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


SPM finally over!! Thats the best thing for me now..
erm..i estimate i can get the following grades fot rhe following results:-
Bahasa Melayu: A or A+
English: A or A+
Modern Maths: A or A+
Add Maths: D or C
Sejarah: C or B
Moral: A- or A
Biology: B or A-
Physics: D or C
Chemistry: D or C
Woohoo!! For now i dun care bout those first... Now Relax, Find Part-Time Work and Focus DANCE!!
Tomorrow going Jusco for K Box and New Moon with friends... very excited!! haha
Just now i sms her see weather she wanna go anot but she haven reply...hope she can go...LOL

Friday, 4 December 2009

I'm Back!!

OK..i broke my rules.. blogging before SPM finish. Who cares rules are made to break is it? LOL...
There's one word i can describe now which is RELIEF!! I was relief because SPM is going to END!!! 3 more papers to go which is CHEMISTRY on the 8th December 2009!! Its been a WAR for the past few weeks. Stress this and that..but at last it's going to end... FUUH~ 3.30pm of 8th december 2009 is the date.. Don't wanna talk much but SPM.. Once again I wish all SPM candidates ALL THE BEST in the upcoming papers!!
So, yesterday Leon decided to go studio Jam. 4pm, 5th december 2009 (tomorrow). He asked Yik weather can anot, Yik say can. Then Leon asked me and Nic to join. We decided to go. It will be fun as the bboys in D'One never meet us before and we never meet them before. Hope to meet some dope Bboys tomorrow.
Oh ya.. who wanna join? u guys are invited too...
Next thing,.. Russell and I ordered a pair of Supra shoe from Eddie.

I ordered the red one and Russell ordered the blue one. RM238 per pair. We will get the shoe in around 3weeks time. Very excited cause this is my first pair of SUPRA SHOES...haha

Monday, 16 November 2009

Goodbye for awhile!!

I decided not to online that often before SPM ends.. So i'm gonna abandon my blog, Facebook and Youtube Channel for a while.

MSN maybe online a while at night.

Dance, i'm gonna stop dancing for a month. Means after SPM, I'll be back.

Junanz Crew, while I'm not around, just be more mature and take care of yourself, don't be so playfull anymore. As you can see, what happen in MSDG is a good lesson. Don't fool around during practices. And when i'm back from SPM, I got some activity for Junanz. Not performance or competition. IT'S PRACTICES!!!! As what Jack say on his blog, UPDATE AND UPGRADE!!!!

So, GOODBYE for awhile!!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Junanz Crew Malaysia Street Dance Gala

So the MSDG was over. I personally not so satisfied with the showcase of Junanz Crew cause its a bit messy here and there..Then fei kei in some skill also...Overall I give it 65% out of 100%. Anyways, Good job Junanz Crew!!! Gambatte!!!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Thanks Zidane

Haha..very random today... Zidane gave me my birthday present today. A late birthday present was interesting... BIG BOSS!!!

Thanks man... Really appreciate it!!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Back To MCO again..

Few days ago, Jie Neng(MCO President 09/10) ask a few of the seniors to go back for practice for MCO. The reason he ask us to is because of the upcoming performance, Cocuriculum Day. The performance is on 3rd of November. Because of that the form 1 and 2's cannot attend for the performance due to final term exam is on in the same week itself. So a few seniors agreed to go back to help.

We also hope that the upcoming performance will be a success..=D

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Malaysia Street Dance Championship

Chat with Jack just now. He asked me weather Junanz want to take part in a competition called Malaysia Street Dance Championship a not... I haven't decided yet because i still need to discuss with my crew members. The competition can consider a long term competition and it's super hard.

The date for the competition is on November 14th for Ipoh Preliminary Round. Dunno how many crew or crews will be selected to proceed to the Ipoh Semi Final on November 28th. The Grand Final of the competition is on December 20th and it will be held in Penang, Sunway Carnival Mall.

The Main Organiser of this Competition is D'vol Dance Theatre from Penang. This competition is also co-organised by Street Nation Dance Studio from KL, D'One Dance Studio from Ipoh and also Twister Dance Studio from Johor.

I can tell that this competition will be be a very tough competition. Dance Crew from all over Malaysia will participate in this competition.

For More Info Plz refer to D'one Dance Studio's Blog (press on it)

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Prefect Farewell Party!!!

WOW!!Can't believe what i went for yesterday!!! It was damn FUN!! Management was good, crowd was unbelievable, even the MC's was funny. Prefects Farewell Party was way more organised than the Librarians Farewell.

The event starts at 6pm but I reached there a bit late, around 6.20pm like that because of the heavy rain. Around 6.30pm the organiser of the Farewell Party ask us to go to the pavillion for game session. The game was a bit retarded. Don't want to mention about the game here. Ask me on MSN or in school if you wanna know. Then 7.15pm was dinner time. The food served there was very delicious, yummy and tasty, especially the grilled tomato fish. I ate a lot of that yesterday. Best thing was the dinner was a buffet so you can eat as many if you want. Hahahaha....

Later, 8.20pm sharp, the organiser asked everyone present that day to go the La Salle Center for the opening ceremony. This is the place we had to perform also. The ceremony started off with Mr.Karu's speech. Then, Benjamin Kee(past Head Prefect) was asked to give a few words of his. After his speech was our performance. And so the MC's called us and we performed. After our performance was performance by other prefects. They even had performance like cosplaying Michael Jackson. I boooooo them a lot because they wasn't really doing MJ dance. The even say it was a tribute to MJ, which i think is bullshit. They dance funny dance like chicken song dance, shuffling and so on with MJ's song, Beat It. Doesn't really the performance by them.

Then was the performance by Jia Ee and Kevin. They played their guitar and sang a few songs. I really enjoy their performance. Their singing was the BEST!! Love it so much!! They sang a few songs but i only recognised one song which is HEARTLESS. After their performance was Terrance and Sara's turn. Same performance like Jia Ee and Kevin but different song. The song was dedicated to someone by Terrance.

Later the night was the Token Of Appreciation Giving Ceremony. All the outgoing prefects gets a token of appreciation. After everything, the MC said "Now we will announced the winner for the BEST PERFORMANCE". I was shocked to hear that. I didn't know there were prizes given out for the performances. After hearing that shocking news by the MC, there comes another BREAKING NEWS. They announced that the BEST PERFORMANCE was our performance. I almost cried yesterday. We recieved a hamper for winning the BEST PERFORMANCE.

Everyone was involved in the dance except Koy Yew, Nakhieeren, Calvyn and Nahulan.

The message below was from me to everyone who was involved in the dance:

I want to say thank you for the afford that all the u guys and girls put in for the sake of this performance. You guys and girls put up a great show that night. Really appreciate it. I also wanted to say thank you for you all for making this performance a success. I'm also very sorry being hash and rude to you all during the practice. And also a very thank you for you all for giving me such a great time and experience dancing with you all. THANK YOU!!!!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Another School Performance

Tomorrow there will be a performance in school again. This time is Prefect Farewell Party.... Haha, just a few months ago, I did a performance for the school librarians, it is also a farewell party too.

But this time is different cause the dancers for this performance is prefects themselves. (p.s most of them do not know how to dance) Fuuh~ a hard challenge for me...luckily there are still Yoon Hong, Rachel, Yian Yian, Thamil and Darren. Only them know to dance, and there are still 9 of them who do not know how to dance. Plus we were told by the exco board about the performance length. Guess what, the performance must be at least 7 minutes!! It's killing me man..

We had been practising for this farewell party for almost 3 weeks and I was not happy about the progress of the whole dance. The prefects are always not puntual in time and often joke and playing around during practises.I was thinking why prefects today behave like this. Haiz, so called prefect wor~... Untill today, I think the dance is only 75% OK. But nevermind, i did not put so much hope for this performance to be perfect cause most of them can't really dance.

Anyways, we will be having a final rehearsal tomorrow. Hope that everything will settle by tomorrow. Farewell party starts 6pm tomorrow. Kinda rush already.LOL..

Monday, 14 September 2009

I'm Back

Yo peeps!! I'm back from blogging again... Had been away for a while due to SPM Trial Exam

Had been experiencing a lot the past few weeks and something makes feel very sad... Motion Master had become D'One Production. What the hell? MMS and D'one studio officially merged on 090909...

Went to studio yesterday, but the feeling was not the same. Feels kinda not like the studio I always went anymore. Anyways I don't kinda care about it after being there for a while. So I continue going to class as usual. Later at 5.30pm went home as usual. Yik talk to me about something also before the class starts.

When i reached home i kinda think of something for a while. And YES!!! I decided to form a crew. A all rounded crew. A crew which include all 4 elements dance BBOY, POPPING, LOCKING & HIP HOP. Currently recruiting people in the crew. This crew is under Soul Crew. It's kinda like a family crew to Soul Crew. Like Cay Crew To Gamblerz Crew.

Decided to called it Shadowz. It's not biting the name of the past Shadow Crew of Motion Master Studio but the word SHADOWZ means we were the shadows left in of motion master..
So i'm now currently working on forming it and i'm currently recruiting members in it.

Yahooooo!!! SPM trials is finishing already, 8 subjects down and 1 more to go!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

New Pants

New Echo Park Pants!!! This time it is RED
Bought This Pants to suit my RED PUMA UNDEFEATED

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Wild Style Hip Hop Competition

Finally it's over...
For the first time, I really really enjoy competition. Met a lot of great dancers there... Met ECX in person.. I'm a fan of them.. I lost in the competition, but the competition brings me a lot of experience...really enjoy the competition yesterday...congratz to all the winners...^.^ These were the results:


Champion: ECX
1st Runner Up: Votion Force
2nd Runner Up: Famous Strike


Champion: Chris Ooi (ECX)
1st Runner Up: Nicklauz ( D Artiz)
2nd Runner Up: Leon (ECX)

Eddie told me something that day before the competition starts. He said the most important thing in DANCE is to ENJOY it...he also said, in every dance you do, make sure u are good in the foundation first before u put ur style in it. If u are not good in ur foundation, everything or style u put in ur dance will not have the 100% effect on it.

He also told me of his experience in KL. Life in KL is BIG he said. A few months back Eddie move to KL for his new studio there. After moving to KL, jobs waiting for him were exciting. From big events show to commersials then to workshops... Very exciting.. Eddie was included in events like back up dancers for HONG KONG ACRTOS for TVB8 Mega Show in Genting and a lot of TV commersials such as Hotlink Prepaid.(for ur info, the guy who did the Boomerang flip in it is Eddie) and also Astro Battleground.

Really hope to be a great dancer like him...

Monday, 24 August 2009


Tension of the competition. Tension of Trials. Few more days ONLY!! WTH!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Wild Style Hip Hop Competition

Wild Style Hip Hop Competition
Great Dancers From All Over Malaysia
Participants of this Competition Include
Ipoh's Very Own
SOUL CREW form Motion Master
ECX(Astro Battleground 2008 CHAMPION)
Famous Strike from Kuala Lumpur
ALL Force Crew from PENANG
Twister ET(ASTRO BATTLEGROUND 2007 1st Runner Up)
& A Lot MORE
So What Are You Waiting FOR??
GRAB Ur Ticket now
by calling
CHRIS 0125405196

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Librarian Farewell Party 2009

Yeah.. Last night was SMI Librarians Farewell Party... Reflected Crew did a perfromance for them..
Reflected Crew Members:

1.Chris Chow (me)
2.Vincent Fong
3.Wei Soon
4.Jensen Lee

Our show was supposed to start at 8pm but dunno why they suddenly change they time to 7.30pm. This has cause a very rushing time for our members to get ready. It was OK for us to perform early since one of the organiser is one of our crew's friend. Sorry for the performance... I know it's not so good... Tell u what, we were DAMN PISSED OFF when we were told that they are no stage and we were ask to perfrom on a WACK floor.. DAMN SLIPPERY... cut the craps, so we finish our perfromance....

Starting Pose
Click Here for the perfromance video

Suddenly 2 someone(PM me if u wanna who are they) ask for a battle with our crew.. first wei soon and vincent said dun wan battle but I insists wanna battle since the 2 someone so "LAN C".. My crew members did not battle so I battle with them... 1 VS 2... Guess what ? they are WACK (no offence)... plus I suddenly got "FORM" yesterday... 3 moves battle... first move just toprock , footwork and freeze and so on. 2nd move and 3rd move, haha... this is the move they got smoke by me... 2nd move was my SET... then 3rd move, i toprock toprock then go cricket to windmill then freeze some more... damn happy d... i didn't know i can do it...

For the 2 someone guy they did the same move all the time..first guy did toprock to freeze then footwork then end with freeze... another guy pula did nike air freeze then toprock.. his second move was the same... I was thinking WTH?

Video of the battle will be uploaded later.... to those who got record the video of the battle, plz PM me on my chat box...

So the farewell party continue with games and so on...Here are some photos on the dinner and the games.. CHECK OUT GARY"S BANANA!!! so LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!!! Another funny thing is, the dinner there got serve CHAR SIEW PAU!!! i dunno the malay librarians knows it or not... LOL.. if they had eaten it... YA ALLAH~~~~~ lol

Random Pics of the night during dinner

*Left Toon's acting as BIG BOSS * Right Gary's Banana so long!!

I dunno what time the party ends but i went home at 10.14pm...

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday Morning Badminton

This morning was special a bit... As my father and my brother went Genting Highlands, I had a chance to play badminton with my friends, Gary, Ivan, Chai, and also Gary's tuition classmate. Dunno what's his name... Went stadium at 8am. The purpose of this is to train back myself as there is a badminton competition coming ahead. This year I will be playing Men's Double with Gary... So we need to gather together to train to coorperate with each other... It was not bad but there is something i need to catch up.. My back hand and my alertness.. Back hand technique become rusty already and my alert drop down already... The shuttle was coming and I just stood there doing nothing... SWT =.=... Hope to gain back all those technique I lost... and I also hope we can win this year... WE WANT THE GOLD MEDAL!!!
Here's some picture of the day....
From left * Gary, Chris
From left * Chai, Ivan

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Bowling Competition

Went for a bowling competition organised by Michaelian Bowling Club at Ipoh Parade's Ampang Bowl yesterday. The event start at 2.30pm and ended at around 4pm. The competition format was each team was given 3 games each. Team with the highest score wins. The competition eventually only had 4 teams participated due to some error during the registeration.(The secretary didn't hand in some of the participating team's form) My team mates were Eugene Lau a.k.a Da Pro, Phoon Ji Hoe a.k.a Bowling Club President & Chai Kean Yoong. Each team consist of 4 members. We played so hard during the competition and our hard work did pay off.. We managed to beat all the teams and come out as CHAMPIONS!!! our total score of all 3 games were 1544... WOW... the total for the other 3 teams were only 900++...

Really enjoy the whole competition.. hahax...

That's all for this post, Bye~

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Motion Master Studio

Motion Master New Poster
(Edited by Jack)
Class Offered:
Hip Hop
Street Jazz
Breakdance (Foundation)
Breakdance (Powermove)
Rm55 per month for any 1 kind of dance
Rm100 per month for any 2 kind of dance
Initial Payment:
Rm15 for registeration fees &
Rm30 for advance payment
All the classes are 1 hour each

Monday, 25 May 2009

Yeah It's Over!!

Today is the last day for the mid term exam. Don't think i really did well in this exam... A lot of simple careless mistake made by me in the exam.. I guess i only can get 3 A1's for this exam... others maybe pass or B3 or B4...

My Predictions...

Biology:B3 or B4
Chemistry: Fail or Pass
Physics: Fail Or Pass
Moral: A1
English: B3
Bahasa Melayu: B3 or B4
Sejarah: A1
Modern Maths: A1
Add Maths: Fail or Pass

And something miracle happen yesterday, 24th May 2009... I finally get to spin windmills properlly and smoothly....damn happy when i get it...First ever power move mastered.... Thanks everyone who taught me to do it...Bboy A.D, Bboy SoulEnd, Max, Bboy Lemoney, Bboy Wind & everyone...

Next stop is Cricket...need to lock my leg and that's it said Bboy Wind... Wait till I mastered it...

Friday, 8 May 2009

Bboy Born Mixtape

Feel boring today so I made this out... a mixture of Bboy Born's picture....

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Motion Master Gathering 2009

The Motion Master Studio held a Bboy gathering on the 1st of May. It was hosted by EDDIE CHAN a.k.a Bboy A.D of Famous Crew and also the founder of Motion Master Studio
The purpose of this gathering is to meet bboys around Perak and sharing our thoughts about bboying. I learnt some new footworks during this gathering. Besides I also get to know some new bboys from Sitiawan(Bboy Guan). Bboy Guan owns some powerfull blow up skills. Its a pleasure to meet him. The gathering is not that success because not much bboys came because of many reasons. But anyways I get to know about bboying throught this gathering. I also learnt that skills is not important but the most important thing in Bboying is FOUNDATION. Foundation is not good equals to you are nothing but zero... Lol anyway we also group together for cyphers and some friendly battle..
Here are some videos during the Gathering

Bboy Soulless VS Bboy A.D

Bboy SoulEnd VS Bboy Jien

Bboy Dare VS Bboy Wind

Bboy Cross VS Bboy Guan

Bboy Sourness VS Bboy Near

Bboy Legend VS Bboy Pook

ENJOY!!! ^.^

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Some short updates..^.^

Brought my camera to school yesterday for the Moral Folio thing. After doing the Moral Folio Kevin,Jashen and I did something stupid in class. We took some photos as a criminal holding a piece of DANGER sign in our hand... We looks so stupid in it...

Here's the photo we took yesterday. It's edited already...

Kevin, The Class Monitor

Jashen, The Class Asst. Monitor

Chris, The Prefect

Friday, 10 April 2009

Annual Sports Day

Just a pic before the Marching Event starts

St. Michael's Institution held their Annual Sports Day yesterday. It was totally different from the past years as many Guests were invited for this year's Sports Day. The event starts at around 8am with the performance by the Michaelian Military Band(MMB). Then it was followed up by the march past of the flag barriers. Later was the sports event such as 100m run ,200m run and so on and so on. Getting bored of watching the run, I did snap a few photos.

Me & Xinh Guan

Kar Heng, Fung Wai, Sze Ngou, Xinh Guan & Me

Later at 9.15am, recess was on. After recess, I went to the basketball court to get ready for the Marching Competition Event. The monitor of the class, Lee Kar Heng called us to fall in on the spot as the event was goimg to start. I am a bit scared because this will be the last time for us,5sc4 to do a thing all together. The feeling was like "NOW OR NEVER".

Proud to be a part of 5sc4,2009

It was our class turn at last. We did our very best during the Marching Competition and was hoping to be rewarded during the prize giving ceremony. We are all very nervous when the MC's were announcing the results. We won 3rd place for the Marching Competition. My feeling that time was "Fuuh!! Yes we did it!!!". We were all so happy and we took a photo together with the hamper.

We See We Conquer
*class theme for the year 2009*

Sports Day ended with 3 cheers for the school lead by our HEAD BOY, Benjamin Kee. It ended at around 1.20pm.

Words by Ivan Tan
3 for Hardwork, Cooperation and Sacrifice
The last but not least Annual Sports Day for us. Our class, 5sc4 have been training hard for this sports day event which ended at 1.00pm today. 5sc4 was lead by the class monitor, Lee Kar Heng and followed by the cooperative students in it. Our class was rewarded for our hardwork with a 3rd place for this marching among the form fives.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

UTP Chinese Orchestra Concert

Went to Universiti Teknologi Petronas to see their 1st ever Chinese Orchestra Concert. Went there by bus with a group of MCO members and Excos.Before the concert starts we get to tour around UTP and I was shocked by their Library a.k.a Information Resource Centre. It was as big as St. Micheal's main block building. CAN U BELIEVE IT? It has a lift in it...

A snap shot of UTP's Information Resource Centre

I was amazed and impressed by one of the songs they played that day, TYPEWRITER. I am really impressed because The UTP Chinese Orchestra used a real typewriter as an instrument in this song. The song was really really FUN. The one who played the typewriter in this song is Master Henry Yew Guo Zheng.
He was once a vice president of MCO and he is now the president of UTP chinese orchestra. Well, here are some photos on that day.

Me and Eric in the toilet...

Guan Qin, Me and Kai Di
(both of them are my juniors)

Just a photo before we leave UTP

Miss Xiyao Chen With the Chinese Orchestra Of UTP conducted by Mr.Steven Goh

Tuesday, 31 March 2009


It's a kinda funny day for me today. I arrive at school as usual at 7.00am sharp. Since there's is no duty for my commission this week so i take a nap at one of the tables in the hall. 7.20am sharp, Marjan woke me up and told me duty for classes is on so my junior and I went to our duty class, 5SC6. The class was as usual doesn't know how to line up until we call them to do so. Then there went the announcement... Later, duty is over and I went back to class. Lessons go on....

During chemistry class today, Pn. Thevanie suspected me of playing a handphone in class(what a joke), she scolded me and pulled my ear, then I told her the whole thing, I was just cutting one of my fingernail because it was broken.LOL. She was like so irritated when she didn't caught me playing handphone. 10.30am, prefect's recess was on, so as usual the three prefects in my class(included me) went down to the canteen to have our recess. Then recess over and duty starts during the student's recess.

After the recess I went back to class. As usual during BM lesson, the class was so noisy. Then when it comes to Sejarah, I realised that I didn't finish my homework given by Pn.Shawani. That was not the point, when I told her that I didn't finish my homework she did not scold me but she say she'll forgive me because I'm so handsome!!(what a joke again) I was like so SWT!!! I'm speechless and sat down in my own place and quickly finish the homework she gave last week.

School ends at 1.45pm.

Monday, 30 March 2009


Lol.... the first time I facelift this blog!! Phew.. It was way hard than I expected. It is lucky for me because a saver just appear to be online just in time. He was Jee Seng. At the first moment he onlined, I seek help from him on how to do this and that. He taught me a lot of things in facelifting the blog. Thank Jee Seng. I owe u one...

Lol. I used around an hour or two to face lift this blog. I failed a few times and i had to redo it all over agian and agian. If I'm correct i redone this blog at least for 3 times. I was happy coz finally I get done with it. I know it doesn't looks nice and simple. What to do? First time