Thursday, 10 December 2009

Storm Warriors!!

Went Parade today after returning the remaining text books to school. Went there with some friends. Before going Parade, Zidane, Simon and I played basketball with Fong, Joe Hang and Hong Yuen. It was great.
Around 11am, Zidane, Simon, Wee Mun and me go to Parade. Then we meet up with Toon and Yu Quan there. We had breakfast at Junction Kopitiam and then go play bowling. Played 3 games coz got package. Russell, Yi Qin and Siew Tong arrived around 1pm.
After that, we decided to watch movie. STORM WARRIORS!!(風雲2)
Watched STORM WARRIORS with Zidane, Simon, Toon,Yu Quan, Wee Mun, Russell, Siew Tong and Yi Qin.

I personally like the movie very much.... Nice story line, Great effect, Awesome animation for the swords and attacks. The theme song was nice too.

The whole movie is about 2 hours++ . Usually when i watch movie in cinema I will feel boring one but when I watch STORM WARRIORS today... FUUH~ damn exciting untill I don't want to look anywhere but the screen.

Around 6.30pm like that my dad came and I went home. I had an exciting day today!! I like it!!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Room Gotong-royong

Alright... SPM finally over, so i decided to clean my room...haha
Now only i realise my room so messy. After cleaning it, my room looks so tidy.



I put all the unwanted notes, book, workbook and papers at one side.

Tied it together and ready to sell it to SURAT KHABAR LAMA man...

When cleaning my room, i dunno why i keep on staring at those notes, books, workbooks and papers for so long. Then, memories keep on flashing back in my head.
Just a blink of eye, my study life is over. I suddenly felt that i miss those good old days studying in school. Felt sad for a while. LOL. Dun ask me why, I also dunno why....
Anyways, a past is a past, u can't go back to the past.
Now I'm currently very free and I'm seeking a part-time job. Hope i can find one.
I also FOCUS DANCING now. Will be back to D'one in a week time. Hip Hop class. I hope Yumiko can give me more chance to perform...haha
I think thats all for now. Signing off. Bye

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


SPM finally over!! Thats the best thing for me now..
erm..i estimate i can get the following grades fot rhe following results:-
Bahasa Melayu: A or A+
English: A or A+
Modern Maths: A or A+
Add Maths: D or C
Sejarah: C or B
Moral: A- or A
Biology: B or A-
Physics: D or C
Chemistry: D or C
Woohoo!! For now i dun care bout those first... Now Relax, Find Part-Time Work and Focus DANCE!!
Tomorrow going Jusco for K Box and New Moon with friends... very excited!! haha
Just now i sms her see weather she wanna go anot but she haven reply...hope she can go...LOL

Friday, 4 December 2009

I'm Back!!

OK..i broke my rules.. blogging before SPM finish. Who cares rules are made to break is it? LOL...
There's one word i can describe now which is RELIEF!! I was relief because SPM is going to END!!! 3 more papers to go which is CHEMISTRY on the 8th December 2009!! Its been a WAR for the past few weeks. Stress this and that..but at last it's going to end... FUUH~ 3.30pm of 8th december 2009 is the date.. Don't wanna talk much but SPM.. Once again I wish all SPM candidates ALL THE BEST in the upcoming papers!!
So, yesterday Leon decided to go studio Jam. 4pm, 5th december 2009 (tomorrow). He asked Yik weather can anot, Yik say can. Then Leon asked me and Nic to join. We decided to go. It will be fun as the bboys in D'One never meet us before and we never meet them before. Hope to meet some dope Bboys tomorrow.
Oh ya.. who wanna join? u guys are invited too...
Next thing,.. Russell and I ordered a pair of Supra shoe from Eddie.

I ordered the red one and Russell ordered the blue one. RM238 per pair. We will get the shoe in around 3weeks time. Very excited cause this is my first pair of SUPRA SHOES...haha