Wednesday, 13 July 2016

2016 So Far: The Beginning

Back to blogging some stuff on this blog again. Yeap! Reality kicks in, got myself a job in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur on December 2015. My job was as a Junior Software Engineer at this company called BAE in short.

It was pretty interesting at the beginning before I was involved in some office politics stuff. Long story cut short, some people do not like or envy some people, some people backstab some people, and so on. I was a victim of these office politics. Typical office politics which I could not accept. I could not blend in such environment or situation where forces myself not to stay true to myself. I guess I was depressed at some point during my stay in the company. I got no confidence in coding anymore and tend to give up easily on every task given to me. Fortunately there were also some good senior colleague that guide and help me during my stay in the company.

At the same time, I'm sad to see some people would rather be bootlickers in order to stay in the company. Letting down their own dignity to boot-lick and wipe ass of their seniors. I'm sorry, I can't do that. Stay real. Stay true. Due to all these bullshits, without hesitation I hand in my resignation letter after 4 months of service in the company. Case close. I'm a free man.

During the 4th month of service in that company which is on March, I saw the news from Facebook that Astro Battleground 2016 will be having their auditions on early April. Poooffff!!! More reason to leave this company as soon as possible. So yeah, I somehow quit my job to join Astro Battleground 2016. At this moment, I chose Dream rather than Reality. It was a risk to take too at the same time. With my current savings, if I really made it to the finals of Astro Battleground 2016, by that time, I'll probably be broke AF. At the same time many asked why did I join Astro Battleground 2016. I told them I really wanted to chase my dream. I see this as a chance of a lifetime. Fuck it if I end up broke AF at the end, because what I will have in return will be a memory of a lifetime. A story that I can tell my family, my future children in the near future. Other than that, I also carry the name of my studio and my crews for it.

Without a doubt, I went for the open auditions held in Quill City Mall on April 2nd. Each participants are required to pass 4 rounds before being selected as the top50 finalist of Astro Battleground. There were around a thousand plus people auditioned for the show. My number was 439 that day.

I still can feel myself being nervous and trembling while auditioning for it. The instructor in charge for audition that day was C.Hsiang Lao Shi from Taiwan. With my current level in Hip Hop foundation, I was afraid it is not enough to impress the instructor as C.Hsiang Lao Shi's major was Hip Hop. At the same I would feel honoured for having C.Hsiang Lao Shi to acknowledge me as the top50 finalist if I were to pass all the 4 rounds. 

Hard work did pays off when the CONGRATULATIONS letter was handed to me. I'm out of words and definitely a start of something new. I felt blessed and thankful for this first moment. At the same day, 49 other participants were selected to join in the show.  There were a few familiar faces such as Foong Yaen from Silly Mistakes, Kevin from Rejuvenate and so on. 

Friday, 1 January 2016

Amazing 2015

Lets start with the dancing side of me first shall we? Kicking off things this year was indeed a tough one. When I return to my university from internship, I only got one target which is to rebuild Interbeatz. I am definitely proud of the peeps who had been there with me, the peeps who trusted me in leading them and the peeps who I call crew mates. They are Wunna, Yit Huan, Ryan, Zeeta, Mei Yan and Jennifer. It started off a bit shaky for showcases and competitions. As time pass by, we learn, we improve and we finally made it. Crowned as Champions for competition. Such awesome memories. Above all that, I got to travel to places with them to do showcases around Malaysia. Definitely a lot of joy and fun dancing together. How can I leave out Mashroor and Hakimi? Man, you both have been the most supportive mates I've known yo! Thanks for showing the love and support throughout the years man. Appreciate it :)

I then challenged myself by pushing up to another level. Combining Team Nexus and Interbeatz to form an All Star crew to join much bigger hip hop showcase competitions. Together with Russell, Leon, Wunna and Mei Yan, we formed Inter-Nexus. Participated in Feel The Beat - Road 2 Ninja street dance showcase competition for the first time as Inter-Nexus. There were a lot of dope crews in this competition. With the leadership and choreography of Russell, we emerged as 2nd Runners Up in this competition. Another major milestone in my dancing career. Certainly proud of Leon for being able to catch up with choreography despite being a full-time bboy. The sweat and tears he poured in definitely worth it. Feel The Beat - Road 2 Ninja was just a starting point for Inter-Nexus. From here we go on winning Champions in many competitions around Perak and Penang


Moving on to Team Nexus, the original Nexus peeps as a crew which consist of Eurica, Leon, Russell and me. Joined several competitions during year end of 2015 and the results were very good. What else? Champion for Alibabar Up & Down Street Dance competition. Good times with my fellow Nexus peeps. I'm hoping that there are more to come in the future with the newest addition to the team, Jason. Keep dancing, keep improving! In 2016, let's fight and compete together peeps!

Now, lets move on to the academic side of me in the year 2015. Returned to my university on late of 2014, early of 2015 for my final year of studies. To be honest, coping up with studies are actually quite hard for me as I'm also focusing on dancing at the same time. At some point, I really wanted to give up on my final year project but I am blessed with a lucky star. Whenever this lucky star are by my side, bad things seems to turn out very good. Creating miracles again and again in different phase of my final year project. Qualifying from Pre-Sedex to Sedex and bagging in a Bronze medal for the Final Year Project category. Never in my dream I would thought of being able to make the cut as the invigilators will only select the best among 200 plus ICT/BIS students in UTP. Another major milestone for a not so academic focus person like me, Proud moment.

Well, it came down to this, It's been a great 3.5 years in this magnificent university. I finally graduated from my studies. 5th of September marks the day where I finally leave this university to the next phase of my life. It is also my birthday on 5th September. Gotta say, this birthday will be the most memorable one. Birthday. Graduated. Farewell. All falls on this day. Bitter sweet memories. I would also like to take this chance to thank everyone for being present in my studying life in this university especially my fellow course mates.

Thank you Ming Miin, Michael, Jerry, Jackson, Jia Shyan, Jia Zhen, Jonathan, Kien Ee, DannyHang Ping and Li Juan. Without you peeps, there won't be me as of today. You peeps really shaped me to be a better student in this university. It mean a lot to me. You all mean a lot to me. Truly is. Really hope that we can gather from time to time. Hope there are many more happy returns to all of us. 

25th October 2015. An important event in one's life, Convocation. Wearing that square hat, putting on that convo robe, walking up the stage and receiving that scroll certainly feels great. I'm pretty sure my family are proud of me especially Grandma and Dad. I'm glad that Grandma is here to witness my graduation in my university. My younger brother too. I'm really really happy that he is here for my convocation. My family members are all here to share this moment with me. Truly blessed to have them on this very day. 

The year 2015 definitely been an amazing one. Got to live up my dreams as a dancer, travelling around Malaysia, winning dance competitions (mostly choreography showcases), getting an academic based award for my Final Year Project, graduated from university and so on. A lot of epic moments in the year 2015. 

Thank you peeps for the wonderful year!
Looking forward for all the challenges ahead for 2016! May 2016 be a better year for everyone! Happy New Year peeps! :)

Sunday, 20 December 2015

December 19th

This post right here is dedicated to a very special friend of mine who just turned 22 on December 19th.
Ever since I knew her, I'd never failed to celebrate birthday with/for her, well at least the first year I knew her was just a simple wish. LOLS. Years after that was surprise celebrations and last year was the most unpredictable one la. I stupidly go make cupcakes for her as her birthday cake and threw a surprise celebration for her right after a test in the test hall.

19/12/2014 Birthday Girl and the cupcakes
Although this year she's in Singapore, it doesn't stop me from throwing a surprise for her. Haha. Yeap, a surprise which somehow ended not so surprised due to some reasons. Funny though. LOLS.

Started planning on what should I do to surprise her for her birthday about a month before her actual birthday. Don't really have much idea on what to do due to the distance issue. She at Singapore and I'm in Malaysia (although it is just the matter of crossing a bridge).

Really cracked my head nicely to think of the ideas (although I already got an initial plan but I still want to think of other ideas) until one fine day, I saw her posting regarding this kids jacket from Uniqlo. AHAH! Idea strikes *Ding Dong* Surprise her by sending her that particular jacket. Here is a picture of her wearing the jacket.

Retrieved from her twitter
It's a Toys Story Alien Limited Edition Kids Jacket as far as I'm concerned. I searched most of the Uniqlo outlets here in Malaysia and I failed to find any. Now, I got 2 things to solve. Find the jacket and get her Singapore address. Stupidly, I pm-ed one of her close friend that she always hang out with in Singapore to ask for a favor and the address. And stupidly, her friend thought that I'm a "ham sup lou" (I guess only la). What's so funny about it was that particular friend of hers pm-ed a friend of mine to ask who am I. The world so small, they knew each other.

Bla bla bla. In the end, I got the address but her friend wasn't able to do me a favor cos her friend will be going back to Ipoh soon.
At this moment,
Issue 1: Address (CHECKED)
Issue 2: Jacket (UNIDENTIFIED)

I panic-lah this time. 7 more days til the actual date of her birthday. Time to disturb some friends from Singapore, a friend who is in Hong Kong and a friend who is in Japan at that time being to help me look for the jacket. Guess what, that jacket is only available in Singapore and it only can be found in Orchard Uniqlo main outlet. Dope-sial this Toys Story Alien jacket. At this moment of time, I kinda lost hope til she sent me the picture below on December 15th.

Ok la. Since she already bought it, I shall execute the initial plan. I rang my cousin who is residing in Singapore for a favor. My cousin helped me to get the things done nicely. Errr, with a bit of addition words in the notes though. Lols. Really grateful that the surprise plan was well planned at this moment of time, just 2 days left before her actual birthday.

TADDA!!! Yes, I sent her a bouquet of flowers. 6 Pink roses which stands for admiration. It is also to convey beauty and grace :) Birthday Flower Bouquet. Hehehe. The bouquet of flowers reached her house at around 10.30am on December 19th but this pretty lady here was still sleeping. So, the deliver-girl left the bouquet if flowers outside her house.

See, this is how the surprise became not so surprise already. I actually have to give a call to this chiobu (pretty girl) to wake her up. Surprisingly, she did not pick up my phone and continue her sleep (tidur mati orang ni =.=). Hence, I sent her a message on Whatsapp to ask her to check out her door when she woke up.

She woke up around 12pm ish on the day with this bouquet of flowers is waiting for her at her door step! Woohoo! Remember I mentioned the surprise was not so surprise? Cos the friend of hers that I ask the favor from actually told her that I asked for the address. So, MingMiin yang amat pandai ini already can guess I will actually do something. Hahaha. I'm actually very very glad and felt blessed that she liked that surprise. WOOHOOO~

She actually snapchatted about it but I can't save any snapchat video. So no video attachment for you all. HAHAHA. But there is a snap as below :D WHEEEEE~

Dear Ming Miin, 

Once again after don't know how many times I wished you on different platforms. Happy Blessed Birthday to you. Really glad that you like the little surprise bouquet of flowers. Looking forward for many many many more years of your birthdays and other get together. 

Sincerely, Chris :)

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Farewell Interbeatz

Where do I begin? It's been one hell of a journey with you peeps in Interbeatz Crew UTP​. There were so many ups and downs, so many good times and bad times. We all go through it together. We all share the moments together. That is what matters. The memories you peeps give me are the most precious gift given from you all to me. I am truly honoured to say that I once lead this magnificent team, these wonderful bunch of people who believe in me and given me tremendous support. It's not just a crew to me, it's more like a family to me already. Hahaha.

I am not as great as some of you all mentioned. I did not single handedly bring up the crew to the next level as mentioned by most of you all. It is your support, hard work and efforts that bring the crew to the level you all are today. You all should be proud of yourself. But stay humble.

" A true dancer does not dance to compete with others, it is all about expressing yourself, learning and sharing knowledge "

I'm truly blessed to have you all performing with me for my very last performance in UTP. I did my first performance with Interbeatz on this stage and I did my last performance with Interbeatz on the same stage. It does give me goosebumps when I think back about it. 

First International Cultural Night with Interbeatz in 2012

First Major Title Won with Interbeatz in 2012! Super Dancer Grand Finals!! Competitors were dance crews from China, India and other countries. We emerged as 1st Runner-Up

Second Title Won with Interbeatz in 2012! Street Challenger R2! Won 2nd Runner-Up yo!

ICN 2013

Co-Q Appreciation Day 2013

Convocation Dinner 2013

Farewell for Naz, Osman and Hosh December 2013

I will also need to take this chance to thank all the seniors that guided me during my early days in Interbeatz. TahaNajafNazHoshOsmanFaruhand Faried. You guys gave me a very warm welcome to the crew when I first entered UTP. Never treated me as stranger but always share your knowledge to me. You guys gave me the chance to learn and dance together with you all. Without you all, I guess I won't improved that much as I am today. A millions of millions of thank you to all of you.

Mashroor, please don't feel so special because I used a different photo with you than the others. It is because we did not take any pictures together during Convo Dinner. Damn we so dumb. LOLS. Can't blame a bangla like you to be dumb but me as a chinese also dumb. I can't accept that. HAHAHA

You know, you were like a brother to me. You are super friendly you know when I first met you in the haunted house for RSF. Then you joined Interbeatz. Don't let me mentioned that one time you shisha and you hide the hands in your shirt in Bangi. When you say "Aku Stress" when you really stress. Many many more happy fun moments bro. Wish that I can go back to those moments. Awesome moments indeed.

As a dancer starting from zero till who you are now, I'm proud of you man. Keep on dancing! Keep up the passion. Keep on inspiring others in the things you love to do.

Thank you bro for everything you did. For being a good friend and a crew mate. You will always be my bangla! Always bro! :)

Wunna, a comrade, a crew mate, a brother to me. This guy right here is one of those, who I started dancing with during my early days in the crew. An all-rounded dancer I can say. A person who put all his heart and soul in while dancing. Definitely gained my respect bro!

Remember the time when we won Super Dancer Pahang Qualifier, Super Dancer International and Street Challenger 2 as our early achievements in the crew alongside with a few seniors who had already graduated? What an awesome start to begin our journey as Interbeatz member right? Just a blink of eye and we are here, at the end of my journey sharing and dancing on the same stage with you. We've been through damn a lot of shits together.

I'm certainly glad and proud of who you had become now. A leader to the crew and a hardworking student (if you know what I mean. HAHAHAHA) Thank you for everything you had done for my final performance in UTP. Thank you for giving me the chance to dance with you. Thank you for taking up the responsibility to lead the crew. Thank you bro. A gazillion of millions times of thank you. *Salute* 

Yit Huan, also one of the peeps who I started dancing with during my early days. A popper that think out of the box, out of his own comfort zone to learn other style of dance. A very humble person who always seek knowledge in dancing. You have a very special taste in music bro. Haha. 

I still remember the first time I met you during one of our session in dance room. You picked up some bboying foundation move very fast. Only a few days later I know that you are a popper. When I saw you pop, I know you will definitely go far in the dance scene. You have strong foundation in popping. Your style is definitely unique from others. A bit of old school but in a cool way. I hope that you can guide the new kids, share your experience with them and a teach them about dance. 

You are a man of a few words. Silent most of the time, but always come out with the freshest idea that help me to guide the crew. You may not notice it but it does. HAHA. Thank you Yit Huan for being a good friend, a crew mate and a brother to me.Thank you for always inspiring. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Ayie, just got to know you not long ago. A new crew mate to me, but it gives me the feeling that we know each other for very long time. Maybe is the bond of the crew that make me feel like that. I can see that you have much more experience in dancing than most of the peeps in the crew. 

You thanked me for recruiting you in the crew giving you the chance to do what you like, but I am the one who should really say thank you for joining the crew and trusted me to lead you for one last time. Thank you stepping up the game in Interbeatz (Freestyle level definitely gone high after your joining), thank you for sharing me your dance stories & experience and thank you for everything you did for the crew. Thank you bro!

Jennifer! How to not get to know who are you oh? Famous until when I'm still doing my intern got people told me got a pretty girl that wear Nike Dunks and can dance. Making me so curious who you really are at first. Haha. 

A very hard working girl that never stop learning and never miss a chance to learn new things about dance. Our journey started during ICN until now. I see you grow from a normal girl to who you are today. You mentioned to me before that you just wanted to perform dance and never thought of becoming a dancer. But hey! You are not just a dancer now, but also a Champion dancer from a Champion crew. Be proud of yourself okay? Last but not least, I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to dance with you and share the stage with you. Thank you for being a sister to me, thank you for listening when I needed a listener and thank you for all the great memories.

Kimi, another talented individual. Throughout the years you showed a lot of support and travel around with me for jams and competitions. I really hope from the experience you gained can help you to improve more in you dancing. You are also one dude that everyone should look up on. Your passion for dancing are certainly embracing the new kids. Even before you join the crew, Yit Huan always told me that you keep on asking him for advice and share knowledge. I'm certainly glad and happy that you joined us at last

I always told you that your style is always different. Different as in a good way. Not much dancers dance like you bro. Not joking. Be more confident bro! I believe you can be much more better than now. HAHA. I really hope that we can dance one last time during the convo dinner though but there were things that doesn't allow us to do so. Thank you Kimi for joining the crew. Thank you for the great memories. 

Zeeta, the monster in the crew! The strongest and toughest female dancer in Interbeatz, You know how awesome it is to have you to join in the crew? It is definitely a great addition to us when we first saw you dancing on the other side of the dance room. If there is anything common that I can relate, it is the mindset of dancing

With an injured knee, you still keep on pushing yourself to the next level, never quit, never stops. But, take a rest sometimes. Recover first and continue, then only can dance more in the future. HAHAHA. You are also someone who never stop seeking knowledge for dance. Always strive for improvement to level up yourself. Thank you for stepping up the game in the crew! Thank you for all the sweat, tears and blood that make Interbeatz who they are today. Thank you for sharing the stage with me. Thank you for everything! 

Ryan, a brother, a crew mate and disciple to me. You certainly and definitely improved damn a lot from the first day I taught you how to dance. Your passion for dancing are definitely something that everyone in the crew should look up on. I know most of the time you will go to dance room yourself to dance and train. That hard work though! Damn! Even I don't train like that, that often. *RESPECT* 

That is what makes you who you are today. Be proud of yourself as a bboy and as a dancer. Time to step the game up aight! Join some battles maybe? HAHAHA. See you soon in some of the jams in the future. Thank you for being a creative person. Thank you for all the passion you have poured and showered upon Interbeatz. 

Kok Hang! Although the time I spent with you in the crew are quite less but I can feel the passion in you. You really reminds me of the young me. I shit you not, I'm serious. Always find ways to learn about dance, bboying and other form of dance. That passion is so pure. Promise me to improve yourself. I hope that the next time I see, you can come lansi me again. You have good foundation in bboying! Keep it up brother! 

Thank you for joining the crew. Thank you giving me the chance to teach you a thing or two. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for sharing the stage one last time with me. 

Mei Yan, someone who is dearest to me. The girl who caught my attention from the moment I saw you dancing at the other side of the dance room. Like what you said, although we knew each other for only less than a year, but the memories we shared are definitely a lot, a lot a lot. 

Young, cute and talented person who are able to pick up the dance steps easily. What makes me so impressed is that you are able to match the level of the people in Inter Nexus. We were all experienced dancers with 4-5 years of experience and you are able to cope up with us. Damn. Fell in love lor. HAHAHA. 

Okay, get ready ya. Please don't cry when you see this :p

You are my motivation in almost everything I do during a period of time. It feels so comfortable due to your presence. We could even chat from day to night. We can just crap about May J, dance, jokes and whatever we want like nobody's business. It was the happiest moment in my life.

I cannot deny that you are that one so important person to me. You are still important to me.Without your presence, none of the things I achieve today are able to be achieved. Thank you for being there. Thank you for your words. Thank you for your motivation. You may not notice it but some of the little things you did really matters. It makes me want to be better in everything I do. Thank you my dearest, thank you my lucky star. Gonna miss you so badly. Gonna miss you lot. :)

Wayn, Ding, Loo, Sam, Maegan, Praveena, Sai, and Joshana. Thank you peeps once again for sharing the stage with me for one last time. I never thought of Interbeatz one day will have 18 person dancing on the stage together, It is you all who make this moment to become a reality. To me it is an impossible dream but you peeps help the crew to make it possible. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all. Keep on dancing. Keep on creating history for Interbeatz. 

Definitely will miss you all. Sincerely, Chris ;)