Friday, 9 October 2009

Another School Performance

Tomorrow there will be a performance in school again. This time is Prefect Farewell Party.... Haha, just a few months ago, I did a performance for the school librarians, it is also a farewell party too.

But this time is different cause the dancers for this performance is prefects themselves. (p.s most of them do not know how to dance) Fuuh~ a hard challenge for me...luckily there are still Yoon Hong, Rachel, Yian Yian, Thamil and Darren. Only them know to dance, and there are still 9 of them who do not know how to dance. Plus we were told by the exco board about the performance length. Guess what, the performance must be at least 7 minutes!! It's killing me man..

We had been practising for this farewell party for almost 3 weeks and I was not happy about the progress of the whole dance. The prefects are always not puntual in time and often joke and playing around during practises.I was thinking why prefects today behave like this. Haiz, so called prefect wor~... Untill today, I think the dance is only 75% OK. But nevermind, i did not put so much hope for this performance to be perfect cause most of them can't really dance.

Anyways, we will be having a final rehearsal tomorrow. Hope that everything will settle by tomorrow. Farewell party starts 6pm tomorrow. Kinda rush already.LOL..

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