Sunday, 11 October 2009

Prefect Farewell Party!!!

WOW!!Can't believe what i went for yesterday!!! It was damn FUN!! Management was good, crowd was unbelievable, even the MC's was funny. Prefects Farewell Party was way more organised than the Librarians Farewell.

The event starts at 6pm but I reached there a bit late, around 6.20pm like that because of the heavy rain. Around 6.30pm the organiser of the Farewell Party ask us to go to the pavillion for game session. The game was a bit retarded. Don't want to mention about the game here. Ask me on MSN or in school if you wanna know. Then 7.15pm was dinner time. The food served there was very delicious, yummy and tasty, especially the grilled tomato fish. I ate a lot of that yesterday. Best thing was the dinner was a buffet so you can eat as many if you want. Hahahaha....

Later, 8.20pm sharp, the organiser asked everyone present that day to go the La Salle Center for the opening ceremony. This is the place we had to perform also. The ceremony started off with Mr.Karu's speech. Then, Benjamin Kee(past Head Prefect) was asked to give a few words of his. After his speech was our performance. And so the MC's called us and we performed. After our performance was performance by other prefects. They even had performance like cosplaying Michael Jackson. I boooooo them a lot because they wasn't really doing MJ dance. The even say it was a tribute to MJ, which i think is bullshit. They dance funny dance like chicken song dance, shuffling and so on with MJ's song, Beat It. Doesn't really the performance by them.

Then was the performance by Jia Ee and Kevin. They played their guitar and sang a few songs. I really enjoy their performance. Their singing was the BEST!! Love it so much!! They sang a few songs but i only recognised one song which is HEARTLESS. After their performance was Terrance and Sara's turn. Same performance like Jia Ee and Kevin but different song. The song was dedicated to someone by Terrance.

Later the night was the Token Of Appreciation Giving Ceremony. All the outgoing prefects gets a token of appreciation. After everything, the MC said "Now we will announced the winner for the BEST PERFORMANCE". I was shocked to hear that. I didn't know there were prizes given out for the performances. After hearing that shocking news by the MC, there comes another BREAKING NEWS. They announced that the BEST PERFORMANCE was our performance. I almost cried yesterday. We recieved a hamper for winning the BEST PERFORMANCE.

Everyone was involved in the dance except Koy Yew, Nakhieeren, Calvyn and Nahulan.

The message below was from me to everyone who was involved in the dance:

I want to say thank you for the afford that all the u guys and girls put in for the sake of this performance. You guys and girls put up a great show that night. Really appreciate it. I also wanted to say thank you for you all for making this performance a success. I'm also very sorry being hash and rude to you all during the practice. And also a very thank you for you all for giving me such a great time and experience dancing with you all. THANK YOU!!!!

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