Thursday, 7 May 2009

Motion Master Gathering 2009

The Motion Master Studio held a Bboy gathering on the 1st of May. It was hosted by EDDIE CHAN a.k.a Bboy A.D of Famous Crew and also the founder of Motion Master Studio
The purpose of this gathering is to meet bboys around Perak and sharing our thoughts about bboying. I learnt some new footworks during this gathering. Besides I also get to know some new bboys from Sitiawan(Bboy Guan). Bboy Guan owns some powerfull blow up skills. Its a pleasure to meet him. The gathering is not that success because not much bboys came because of many reasons. But anyways I get to know about bboying throught this gathering. I also learnt that skills is not important but the most important thing in Bboying is FOUNDATION. Foundation is not good equals to you are nothing but zero... Lol anyway we also group together for cyphers and some friendly battle..
Here are some videos during the Gathering

Bboy Soulless VS Bboy A.D

Bboy SoulEnd VS Bboy Jien

Bboy Dare VS Bboy Wind

Bboy Cross VS Bboy Guan

Bboy Sourness VS Bboy Near

Bboy Legend VS Bboy Pook

ENJOY!!! ^.^

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