Saturday, 18 April 2009

Some short updates..^.^

Brought my camera to school yesterday for the Moral Folio thing. After doing the Moral Folio Kevin,Jashen and I did something stupid in class. We took some photos as a criminal holding a piece of DANGER sign in our hand... We looks so stupid in it...

Here's the photo we took yesterday. It's edited already...

Kevin, The Class Monitor

Jashen, The Class Asst. Monitor

Chris, The Prefect

Friday, 10 April 2009

Annual Sports Day

Just a pic before the Marching Event starts

St. Michael's Institution held their Annual Sports Day yesterday. It was totally different from the past years as many Guests were invited for this year's Sports Day. The event starts at around 8am with the performance by the Michaelian Military Band(MMB). Then it was followed up by the march past of the flag barriers. Later was the sports event such as 100m run ,200m run and so on and so on. Getting bored of watching the run, I did snap a few photos.

Me & Xinh Guan

Kar Heng, Fung Wai, Sze Ngou, Xinh Guan & Me

Later at 9.15am, recess was on. After recess, I went to the basketball court to get ready for the Marching Competition Event. The monitor of the class, Lee Kar Heng called us to fall in on the spot as the event was goimg to start. I am a bit scared because this will be the last time for us,5sc4 to do a thing all together. The feeling was like "NOW OR NEVER".

Proud to be a part of 5sc4,2009

It was our class turn at last. We did our very best during the Marching Competition and was hoping to be rewarded during the prize giving ceremony. We are all very nervous when the MC's were announcing the results. We won 3rd place for the Marching Competition. My feeling that time was "Fuuh!! Yes we did it!!!". We were all so happy and we took a photo together with the hamper.

We See We Conquer
*class theme for the year 2009*

Sports Day ended with 3 cheers for the school lead by our HEAD BOY, Benjamin Kee. It ended at around 1.20pm.

Words by Ivan Tan
3 for Hardwork, Cooperation and Sacrifice
The last but not least Annual Sports Day for us. Our class, 5sc4 have been training hard for this sports day event which ended at 1.00pm today. 5sc4 was lead by the class monitor, Lee Kar Heng and followed by the cooperative students in it. Our class was rewarded for our hardwork with a 3rd place for this marching among the form fives.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

UTP Chinese Orchestra Concert

Went to Universiti Teknologi Petronas to see their 1st ever Chinese Orchestra Concert. Went there by bus with a group of MCO members and Excos.Before the concert starts we get to tour around UTP and I was shocked by their Library a.k.a Information Resource Centre. It was as big as St. Micheal's main block building. CAN U BELIEVE IT? It has a lift in it...

A snap shot of UTP's Information Resource Centre

I was amazed and impressed by one of the songs they played that day, TYPEWRITER. I am really impressed because The UTP Chinese Orchestra used a real typewriter as an instrument in this song. The song was really really FUN. The one who played the typewriter in this song is Master Henry Yew Guo Zheng.
He was once a vice president of MCO and he is now the president of UTP chinese orchestra. Well, here are some photos on that day.

Me and Eric in the toilet...

Guan Qin, Me and Kai Di
(both of them are my juniors)

Just a photo before we leave UTP

Miss Xiyao Chen With the Chinese Orchestra Of UTP conducted by Mr.Steven Goh