Friday, 18 January 2013

Michaelian Run 2013

12th January 2013
Went back to my Alma Mater with my group of friends. Not some random visit but to participate the yearly Michaelian Run. Participated in the Old Boys Category together with Alson, Kino, Yik Ken and a few old Michaelians we met. Oh well, the route is always the same route I used to run back in my days when I was in Form1 till Upper6, it will never change. Haha. Felt so great to be back at school and be part of the school's event.
Well, I can consider this as an achievement because I managed to get 2nd placing for the Old Boys Category. I'm still able to catch up with the Champion all along the route until he sprinted far ahead of me when it is almost the end of the route. Lols. Everyone manage to get a medal because not many Old Boys were there for the Old Boys Category. 
from left: Yik Ken, Kino, Me, Alson
We took some pictures around our Alma Mater after the event and before we went to have our breakfast/desserts. 
Credits to Hudson Beh to be our camera man. HAHA!
Headed to Nam Heong to have our breakfast. Nothing will be more suitable than a good cup of Ipoh's original "Kopi Ais" and the delicious Ipoh delicacy here such as "Kai Si Hor Fun", "Lim Fung Char Kuey Teow" and so on.

Yik Ken from UM and Me from UTP :)
 After having our breakfast at Nam Heong, we decided to go to Blackball Desserts. First time having Blackball here in Ipoh, had it once before in Penang's Queensbay Mall. Ordered the dessert with the soya flavor, forgotten what it was called but I was being told that it was the best seller. Alson ordered the same as mine, sharing it with his younger brother while Yik Ken and Kino both ordered the Bubble Milk Tea.

Another thing that caught my attention was the UFO Beeper. It will ring to notify customer to pick up their order. We can sit back and relax while waiting for our order to be ready instead of standing in the collecting counter like any other desserts shop.

Oh well, it was great to catch up with old friends and know what's they are up to all these while. Good to know that they doing well in their respective universities or work place. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Leolympic Grand Finals 2013

5th January 2013
Badminton Category for Leolympic and also Leolympic Food Fair.
In conjunction of Leolympic's Badminton Category, Leo Club of Ipoh Unity decided to held a food fair. Venue was at FRU badminton hall. It was quite a success thanks to all the Leos who came and support us. Most of the foods were sold out. A big thank you to Adelyn, Apple and Eliza for preparing the delicious food to be sold. Results for Badminton Category as below:
Men's Single
1st - Ipoh Unity
2nd - Tanjung, Penang
3rd - Chung Hwa Confusion

Men's Double
1st - Ipoh Unity
2nd - Tanjung, Penang
3rd - Ipoh Unity/Petaling Jaya Integrity
Participated in Leolympic Grand Finals. This competition consist of Champions of  Leolympic of respective states. Participating states were Penang, Selangor and of course Perak. Represented Leo Club of Ipoh Unity (Perak) in the Futsal category with my fellow team mates. The team consist of Meng Kwan, Yee Jin, Reeve Leong, Aaron OKV, Weng Kitt and myself. It was a last minute thing though. There were no representative from Leo Clubs from Selangor so Ipoh Unity participated as a back up team. It was held in Extreme Park, Sunway Ipoh. We emerged as Champions for the Futsal Category after a playing a very hard game in the finals against Leo Club Of Nan Hwa, Champions of Leolympic Perak Finals. Had a very great time playing with them :)

Champions: Leo Club of Ipoh Unity
1st Runners up: Leo Club of Nan Hwa
2nd Runners up: Leo Club of Tanjung Penang
6th January 2013
Closing Ceremony and also Bowling Category for Leolympic Grand Finals. It was held in the bowling center in Ipoh Parade. Another last minute participation by me. Help up Leo Club of Petaling Jaya Integrity as a backup bowler because they lack of one bowler in their team. Was asked by Eric to join them, so why not? Haha. Leo Club of Sam Tet emerged as Champion for Bowling category. 1st runners-up were Leo Club of Ipoh Unity and 2nd runners-up were Leo Club of Petaling Jaya Integrity. Yeap, another medal for me. LOLS.

Closing Ceremony was held right after the bowling category. Medals were given out and Overall Champion was announced. The overall Champions, not doubt is Leo Club of Ipoh Unity. Champions for Badminton Singles and Doubles, 2nd Runners-up for Badminton Doubles, Champion for Futsal and also 1st runners-up for Bowling.
Our president treat all IU members Papa John's Pizza as a reward for our job well done. Haha. It was indeed a very memorable day!