Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday Morning Badminton

This morning was special a bit... As my father and my brother went Genting Highlands, I had a chance to play badminton with my friends, Gary, Ivan, Chai, and also Gary's tuition classmate. Dunno what's his name... Went stadium at 8am. The purpose of this is to train back myself as there is a badminton competition coming ahead. This year I will be playing Men's Double with Gary... So we need to gather together to train to coorperate with each other... It was not bad but there is something i need to catch up.. My back hand and my alertness.. Back hand technique become rusty already and my alert drop down already... The shuttle was coming and I just stood there doing nothing... SWT =.=... Hope to gain back all those technique I lost... and I also hope we can win this year... WE WANT THE GOLD MEDAL!!!
Here's some picture of the day....
From left * Gary, Chris
From left * Chai, Ivan

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Bowling Competition

Went for a bowling competition organised by Michaelian Bowling Club at Ipoh Parade's Ampang Bowl yesterday. The event start at 2.30pm and ended at around 4pm. The competition format was each team was given 3 games each. Team with the highest score wins. The competition eventually only had 4 teams participated due to some error during the registeration.(The secretary didn't hand in some of the participating team's form) My team mates were Eugene Lau a.k.a Da Pro, Phoon Ji Hoe a.k.a Bowling Club President & Chai Kean Yoong. Each team consist of 4 members. We played so hard during the competition and our hard work did pay off.. We managed to beat all the teams and come out as CHAMPIONS!!! our total score of all 3 games were 1544... WOW... the total for the other 3 teams were only 900++...

Really enjoy the whole competition.. hahax...

That's all for this post, Bye~