Monday, 25 May 2009

Yeah It's Over!!

Today is the last day for the mid term exam. Don't think i really did well in this exam... A lot of simple careless mistake made by me in the exam.. I guess i only can get 3 A1's for this exam... others maybe pass or B3 or B4...

My Predictions...

Biology:B3 or B4
Chemistry: Fail or Pass
Physics: Fail Or Pass
Moral: A1
English: B3
Bahasa Melayu: B3 or B4
Sejarah: A1
Modern Maths: A1
Add Maths: Fail or Pass

And something miracle happen yesterday, 24th May 2009... I finally get to spin windmills properlly and smoothly....damn happy when i get it...First ever power move mastered.... Thanks everyone who taught me to do it...Bboy A.D, Bboy SoulEnd, Max, Bboy Lemoney, Bboy Wind & everyone...

Next stop is Cricket...need to lock my leg and that's it said Bboy Wind... Wait till I mastered it...

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