Tuesday, 31 March 2009


It's a kinda funny day for me today. I arrive at school as usual at 7.00am sharp. Since there's is no duty for my commission this week so i take a nap at one of the tables in the hall. 7.20am sharp, Marjan woke me up and told me duty for classes is on so my junior and I went to our duty class, 5SC6. The class was as usual doesn't know how to line up until we call them to do so. Then there went the announcement... Later, duty is over and I went back to class. Lessons go on....

During chemistry class today, Pn. Thevanie suspected me of playing a handphone in class(what a joke), she scolded me and pulled my ear, then I told her the whole thing, I was just cutting one of my fingernail because it was broken.LOL. She was like so irritated when she didn't caught me playing handphone. 10.30am, prefect's recess was on, so as usual the three prefects in my class(included me) went down to the canteen to have our recess. Then recess over and duty starts during the student's recess.

After the recess I went back to class. As usual during BM lesson, the class was so noisy. Then when it comes to Sejarah, I realised that I didn't finish my homework given by Pn.Shawani. That was not the point, when I told her that I didn't finish my homework she did not scold me but she say she'll forgive me because I'm so handsome!!(what a joke again) I was like so SWT!!! I'm speechless and sat down in my own place and quickly finish the homework she gave last week.

School ends at 1.45pm.

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