Sunday, 30 August 2009

Wild Style Hip Hop Competition

Finally it's over...
For the first time, I really really enjoy competition. Met a lot of great dancers there... Met ECX in person.. I'm a fan of them.. I lost in the competition, but the competition brings me a lot of experience...really enjoy the competition yesterday...congratz to all the winners...^.^ These were the results:


Champion: ECX
1st Runner Up: Votion Force
2nd Runner Up: Famous Strike


Champion: Chris Ooi (ECX)
1st Runner Up: Nicklauz ( D Artiz)
2nd Runner Up: Leon (ECX)

Eddie told me something that day before the competition starts. He said the most important thing in DANCE is to ENJOY it...he also said, in every dance you do, make sure u are good in the foundation first before u put ur style in it. If u are not good in ur foundation, everything or style u put in ur dance will not have the 100% effect on it.

He also told me of his experience in KL. Life in KL is BIG he said. A few months back Eddie move to KL for his new studio there. After moving to KL, jobs waiting for him were exciting. From big events show to commersials then to workshops... Very exciting.. Eddie was included in events like back up dancers for HONG KONG ACRTOS for TVB8 Mega Show in Genting and a lot of TV commersials such as Hotlink Prepaid.(for ur info, the guy who did the Boomerang flip in it is Eddie) and also Astro Battleground.

Really hope to be a great dancer like him...

Monday, 24 August 2009


Tension of the competition. Tension of Trials. Few more days ONLY!! WTH!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Wild Style Hip Hop Competition

Wild Style Hip Hop Competition
Great Dancers From All Over Malaysia
Participants of this Competition Include
Ipoh's Very Own
SOUL CREW form Motion Master
ECX(Astro Battleground 2008 CHAMPION)
Famous Strike from Kuala Lumpur
ALL Force Crew from PENANG
Twister ET(ASTRO BATTLEGROUND 2007 1st Runner Up)
& A Lot MORE
So What Are You Waiting FOR??
GRAB Ur Ticket now
by calling
CHRIS 0125405196

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Librarian Farewell Party 2009

Yeah.. Last night was SMI Librarians Farewell Party... Reflected Crew did a perfromance for them..
Reflected Crew Members:

1.Chris Chow (me)
2.Vincent Fong
3.Wei Soon
4.Jensen Lee

Our show was supposed to start at 8pm but dunno why they suddenly change they time to 7.30pm. This has cause a very rushing time for our members to get ready. It was OK for us to perform early since one of the organiser is one of our crew's friend. Sorry for the performance... I know it's not so good... Tell u what, we were DAMN PISSED OFF when we were told that they are no stage and we were ask to perfrom on a WACK floor.. DAMN SLIPPERY... cut the craps, so we finish our perfromance....

Starting Pose
Click Here for the perfromance video

Suddenly 2 someone(PM me if u wanna who are they) ask for a battle with our crew.. first wei soon and vincent said dun wan battle but I insists wanna battle since the 2 someone so "LAN C".. My crew members did not battle so I battle with them... 1 VS 2... Guess what ? they are WACK (no offence)... plus I suddenly got "FORM" yesterday... 3 moves battle... first move just toprock , footwork and freeze and so on. 2nd move and 3rd move, haha... this is the move they got smoke by me... 2nd move was my SET... then 3rd move, i toprock toprock then go cricket to windmill then freeze some more... damn happy d... i didn't know i can do it...

For the 2 someone guy they did the same move all the time..first guy did toprock to freeze then footwork then end with freeze... another guy pula did nike air freeze then toprock.. his second move was the same... I was thinking WTH?

Video of the battle will be uploaded later.... to those who got record the video of the battle, plz PM me on my chat box...

So the farewell party continue with games and so on...Here are some photos on the dinner and the games.. CHECK OUT GARY"S BANANA!!! so LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!!! Another funny thing is, the dinner there got serve CHAR SIEW PAU!!! i dunno the malay librarians knows it or not... LOL.. if they had eaten it... YA ALLAH~~~~~ lol

Random Pics of the night during dinner

*Left Toon's acting as BIG BOSS * Right Gary's Banana so long!!

I dunno what time the party ends but i went home at 10.14pm...