Monday, 14 September 2009

I'm Back

Yo peeps!! I'm back from blogging again... Had been away for a while due to SPM Trial Exam

Had been experiencing a lot the past few weeks and something makes feel very sad... Motion Master had become D'One Production. What the hell? MMS and D'one studio officially merged on 090909...

Went to studio yesterday, but the feeling was not the same. Feels kinda not like the studio I always went anymore. Anyways I don't kinda care about it after being there for a while. So I continue going to class as usual. Later at 5.30pm went home as usual. Yik talk to me about something also before the class starts.

When i reached home i kinda think of something for a while. And YES!!! I decided to form a crew. A all rounded crew. A crew which include all 4 elements dance BBOY, POPPING, LOCKING & HIP HOP. Currently recruiting people in the crew. This crew is under Soul Crew. It's kinda like a family crew to Soul Crew. Like Cay Crew To Gamblerz Crew.

Decided to called it Shadowz. It's not biting the name of the past Shadow Crew of Motion Master Studio but the word SHADOWZ means we were the shadows left in of motion master..
So i'm now currently working on forming it and i'm currently recruiting members in it.

Yahooooo!!! SPM trials is finishing already, 8 subjects down and 1 more to go!!


  1. so now how many members have u recruit?

  2. currently recruited one...Hou Nam...i still waiting for ur reply also..hehe