Monday, 30 May 2011


Alright, on the 28th May 2011, Leon, Yi Qin, Russell and I went to KL for THE JUDGMENT DAY (BBOY JAMZ).  Left Ipoh at around 8.45am. The bus suppose to come at 8.15am. As a result, we were late to our destination. We reach Kelana Jaya at around 11.15am. Luckily Nicholas was there early so, we manage to register ourselves for the battle. 
The original plan was 6 of us will be joining. 
SOUL IMPACT Leon, Nicholas and Me
DYNAMIC SOUL: Yi Qin, Russell and Darren.
Darren can't make it so, DYNAMIC SOUL had to pull out from the competition as the competition was 3on3.
The venue for THE JUDGMENT DAY (BBOY JAMZ) was not really that far from Wangsa Maju LRT station. We reach the venue around 12.30pm. The Judges were:

Cyphers were everywhere during THE JUDGMENT DAY (BBOY JAMZ) . Met Soulend they all there. They participated in the 3on3 also. We cypher for a while, then the event officailly started. The event started with 1on1 Powermove battle follow up by 3on3 crew battle.
So, we ended up battling with Energy Crew from Guangzhou, China during the qualification round. We did not make it through the qualification round. But seriously, it was indeed awesome we get the chance to battle with foreign crews. Indeed a very great experience. 

Results: 3on3 Crew Battle
Champion: Energy Crew from Guangzhou,China
1st Runners-Up: Who Come Who Dead from KL & Melaka, Malysia
Results: 1on1 Powermove Battle
Champion: Bboy JK (PEZ) First-Runner Up: Bboy Bruce (PEZ)
The event ended at around 8.30pm. We followed the coach provided by the organizer to our hotel. Overnight at Smile Hotel. Woke up at around 8am the next morning. We took a taxi to Gombak LRT Station then straight to Kelana Jaya LRT station by LRT. Had our breakfast at the mamak opposite Kelana Jaya LRT station. Took our bus home at around 1.30pm. Reach Ipoh at around 4.00pm.

Seriously, THE JUDGMENT DAY (BBOY JAMZ) was DOPE! Looking forward to next year's THE JUDGMENT DAY (BBOY JAMZ) VOLUME 2.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Job done? I guess..

Went to Dance Centre this morning at 11am. Went there to teach the kids the dance routine again. Well, the kids improves a lot since the last time i saw them which is on last Saturday. Din really choreograph much routine in it. Just used back some old routine and improvised it.

Half way through, Russell came, then Leon came. Mimi and the others was there since 11am.
but, someone is missing in action today.

Couldn't finish the whole routine today. Still got a little part more. Just 2 more eights to go somewhere in the middle. The whole routine is a combination of Hip Hop steps and a bit of Ballet. Hip Hop + Ballet?? Isn't that Step Up 1? haha
 FYI, all the kids are ballerinas. No harm putting ballet in it. :p
Group Photo :)
Miss Chin will be choreographing the ballet part, so, can i consider my job done? Haha. I will try to come for the last rehearsal on next Wednesday if i could make it. The kids will be competing on the 27th Of May which is next Friday.

All The Best To You Girls!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Pernilaian 1

OK! Exam is next monday. What am i thinking right now??

I want to score an A for Pengajian Am and IT. For Pengajian Am, I am quite confident in it. It is my best subject so far. For IT, i need to buck up a bit in my C++ coding because I'm still weak in it.

well, Maths T and Chemi, sampaikan salam is all i can say. Let see what i comes out..

-Chris Chow-

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


SOUL CREW participated in the CLUB9 DANCEOFF COMPETITION on the 23rd Of January 2011. This is an open competition, which means all kind of dance are allowed in this competition. Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Krumping, Shuffle and so on so on. Solo and Groups are in the same category. There a total of 7 competitors that day. 3 groups and 4 Solos.

Champion gets rm500 cash while 1st and 2nd Runners up get a bottle of SMIRNOFF VODKA.

From left: Chris(me), Akira, & Leon
Each solo's or groups are to prepare 2 routines. 1st routine for qualifier and 2nd routines for the ranking. So, Soul Crew qualified to proceed to the next round and we manage to get a TIE with Kaze (solo) in the routine showcase. We were told by the organizer that we are to battle to see who walk out with the rm500 cash for the champion. Since Kaze is a solo competitor, he can choose 2 teammates to help him. He chose Yik and Chung

The result was:

1st Runner Up : Soul Crew
2nd Runner Up: SZ Chung

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

She's Like A Star

this song & routine is telling that how much a guy miss da girl since broke up wit her...

this song & routine was dedicated to someone he love..