Thursday, 7 October 2010

Yo peeps. I'm back

I'm back to my blog again. LOL.

Wanna blog about myself this time. 

YESH! its about me. 

Life in form6 memang susah.Had been emo-ing for a few days already. Dunno why. Don't ask me. I had been facing a lot of preassure lately. Blames are all put on me. Stress at school. Can i hang on? I dunno.

it won't stop i tell you. especially Maths T. Cikgu itu sudahpun ajar macam bullet train, bagi kita homework pun macam bullet dari machine gun. WON'T STOP!!

And about kolukium! At last it ended. Only need to pass up the damn folio. After that, end of story and happily get my miserable 10 marks. Used 3 months to complete the whole thing. Calvyn and I represented the class for the presentation as we scored 19/20 for the presentation in class. Too bad we only manage to get No.3 on the inter-class presentation. We were aiming for No.1 actually. =( Not satisty with the results cause we are way better than the current No.1, the way they present their presentation is just reading the words inside the power point. No elaboration at all. Dunno why they win. 

EXAMS!! It's coming. exams falls on the 18th of October. All the best everyone!!


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Soul Crew's Syuen Hotel Performance

18th September 2010
Soul Crew had been invited to perform for PROM NIGHT entitled POLIO-FREE FOR ALL. 
Yeah! The crew did a great job but one thing whack is the audience, Dead Crowd!! No matter how good the performances were, the crowd doesn't know how to cheer and clap hands. Not only for our performance, for other performance too. 

Anyways, this time, all of the members performed, except for Furuya due to some reason.
Members involved in the performance:
1. Leon Vong (Crew Leader)
2. Chris Chow
3.Russell Wong
4. Yi Qin
5. Edwin Chuah
6. Jax Chin
7.Jason Lim
8. Willie Chow
9. Amir a.k.a Bboy Pinoy (Guest Member)

Good Show Guys!! Really had a good time practising and performing with you guys!! 

Sunday, 12 September 2010

家好月圆 Steamboat Reunion

家好月圆 Steamboat Reunion
The word 家好月圆 simply means a full moon symbolizing a harmonious family. The pronunciation in chinese is 'jia hao yue yuan' or in cantonese 'ka hou yuet yuen'. We have used this word to represent the friendship among us few years back (credits to Ivan Tan

On the 9th Of September 2010, our family had a reunion at Goodtimes Steamboat. The one near Tower Regency Hotel. Why we choose here? It is simply because this place is the place where we had our first Steamboat together. It brings back a lot of memories.

There was an uncle. He ask for donations of any amount and he will give 2 packets of tissue and play a song using his 'Erhu' or harmonica. He played a song named 'Auld Lang Syne' in english or 'Friendnship Forever' in chinese. It perfectly suits the environment there.

We are the Lan Ci's  =)
Our family are still the same but we added a few family members. First, Olivia Mah, Eon's girlfriend. Haha, Eon grow up already, got girlfriend already. Second is Pui San and Chuah. They in a realationship already. They both ah, in a relationship already also don't tell the family wor.. Hehe =)
Guest List:
1.Kevin Lee
2.Chris Chow(me)
3.Fong Teik Sum
4.Eon Chen
5.Olivia Mah
6.Alson Beh
7.Ivan Tan
8.Nike Phang
9.Soon Zheng Foong
10.Vizent Tang
11.Lee Haw Tung
12.Zidane Tan
15.Chuah Teong Hui
16.Tang Kar Ming

Zidane & Soon
I'm really looking forward for the next reunion. Can't wait for it. Seriously. I miss u guys!! Really really miss those EPIC moments with you guys when in 5sc4!!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Converse CT Spec Hi Gothic Grape

Converse CT Spec Hi Gothic Grape
My new pair of Kicks!! Yes. Its a CONVERSE. Bought it in Genting Highlands. Rm125.90. It looks kinda normal with white shoe lace, so i'm buying a Yellow Colour shoe lace to replace the white ones. It will look more BEAUTIFUL with Yellow shoe lace. =)

This pair of kicks i will only use it for showcase only. I won't wear it for dance training. Hehe. Lazy wanna type more, so, thats all for now. =)

Signing off,
Chris Chow

Monday, 23 August 2010

New Kicks!!

Yeah!! I'm getting this kicks for sure!!
 Nike Cortez Suede!!
Nike Cortez Suede

Friday, 20 August 2010

Happy Birthday Jackass!!!

Gave Leon a surprise party yesterday. The whole SOUL CREW(Willie didn't go) including Johnny Teoh prank Leon at first. We told him that we are having an important meeting that night. Jax told Leon that he got a lot of things to say regarding the upcoming performances and showcase.

Date:19th August 2010
Venue: D'One Dance Academy
Time:9pm (but we reach there at 9.45pm, this is to make him angry before he get his surprise)

So, after school that day, I went Ipoh Parade to order his birthday cake. Fruit Cake.. Went there with Natalie and Calvyn. After ordering the cake, Natalie and I kinda walk around Ipoh Parade while Calvyn went to find his friends at Parkson. Went home after that.
Leon's Birthday Cake

Then, at night I went fetch all the members. After that, we went to collect the cake from Goo-Ey. A cake shop in Ipoh Parade. We headed straight to studio and gave Leon our surprise. Haha. I can see that Leon is terharu la.. His eyes is a bit wet.. But he don't admit.. Haha


Thumbs Up for the Jackass!!
Besides ,someone got some scandal going on also.. Please look at the following picture
Bboy Soulend is SUCKING/LICKING/EATING Leon's dick.. LOL

Sunday, 15 August 2010

♥ Acoustic Guitar

*whee* finally i bought my first guitar.. I name her Baby.LOL.

Currently i'm learning guitar from Zidane And Kelly. Both of them are awesome!!

Guitar was fun but, my fingers hurt.. Haha.. what to do, sacrifices are needed!! LOL.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Kenny Rogers Reunion

Yeah~ I like reunions. This time is ex kenny rogers workers reunion. This reunion is organised by Kar Mun and Kar Ming. They gather us all together just to have this reunion. THANKS YA~ =D. Haiz, sad to say Stephanie can't make it. She say she's busy..T.T

So, we met up with each other at JJ at 1pm yesterday. Hoi Meng and Weng Joh reach first, Kar Mun and me was second. Third was Kar Ming. We actually plan to wait Raymond at Mc Donalds but instead of wasting time waiting for him, we walk around JJ. HEHE.

Hoi Meng and I played the basketball machine in Capcom Station. SUDAH BIASA, of course i win. =p It was 4months ago since I last played that game with him. Haha. Really enjoy it. Later
we went FOOD & TEA for our lunch. Lazy to type, pictures explain it all..^.^

Can't believe them, watching JAPAN things here..haih =p

Food I ordered..Fried Prawn Mayo Rice with dessert

She's Kar Mun for your information..LOL

After we finish our lunch, Raymond Liew finally arrived. Lambat betul la dia. ISHH~

Raymond ordered this..

After that we all went Kenny Rogers and visit them. Met Miss Lisa there. Chat with her for a while. Don't know why everytime talk to her, she confirm tell things about Stephanie one..LOL. Then went blow water with some of the workers there..There are indeed some changes in KRR. Some new workers and so on. We ended our reunion with a photo.

Then i'm off to tuition~

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I'm Officially Back~

After 3 Months in PLKN, I finally finish my trianing in PLKN. Well overall, PLKN is indeed a great experience. I can't believe I say this but I sure will miss PLKN (not the place but the friends there). I had been spending the past 12 weeks with them or to say only them. Hard to let it go for a while but I know there is a time to say goodbye to everything or something. So, I won't be sad about it. HEHE

Back to topic, I'm officially back. Haha. Just before I get myself back to do revision and some catching up to do on my form6 assignments and revisions, I hang out with some of my PLKN friends yesterday. Some of my friends from PLKN came down to Ipoh to visit Ipoh. First stop was Ipoh Parade. Phylbert and Joseph decided to buy something for Leon's mom for her hospitallity. Phylbert is from KL and Joseph is from Kuching. They both lived in Leon's house while they are in Ipoh. By the way, I found some DVD's in Speedy Video, NOT SUITABLE FOR MUSLIM.

Yeah, Jospeh bought me a Holy Bible at Glad Sounds. Thanks Joseph for the Holy Bible. Really appreciate it. =)

Next stop was Old Town Nam Heong Kopitiam. As Leon was incharge of our activities, he brought us to this kopitiam. So, we told Phylbert and Joseph about this kopitiam's history. Ipoh guys and girls, I bet u guys and girls know the history, so I no need to explain here...HEHE

Some snap shot when we are in Nam Heong Kopitiam

Phylbert Tan

Leon Lee

Joseph Yap

Last stop was INFINITY. Yeah, as usual DOTA FRENZY!!! Played a few rounds of Dota with them. Went home at 5pm ++. Really enjoy the day. HAHA~

Then at night, quite last minute also, Alson, Ivan, Nike, Joe and me went yumcha at TUNG KUI. Long time din yumcha with you guys already. It's indeed a great time YUMCHA with my heng dai's. =D

Thats all for this post.

Signing off,


Monday, 10 May 2010

Form 6 Orientation

A bit update from me before going back to PLKN.

ALright this morning i went school for Form 6 Orientation and Registeration. Arrived at school at around 9.30am. Saw lots of friends. It did cheer me up coz I never met them for so long after SPM. Saw Kelly Cheng in SMI also. Long time din saw her already. Hehe. Can consider a long lost friend. LOL.

Many Of my heng dai was back to Form 6. Kar Heng, Xinh Guan, Beh, Ivan,Haw Tung, Joe Hang and Phang. I did some stupid things when i first back to school today.

This is how it started, I saw Yoon Hong and we start to do stupid acts such as:

No.1 (Yoon Hong: Wah, u no hair wor~ Me: Wah, u got hair wor~)

No.2 (Yoon Hong: I chop u Me: blek, die lu~)

OK, after doing some crappy things with Yoon Hong, Back to business. All Lower Sixers went into the hall at 10am to be exact because we are given 30 minutes for recess after registeration. Went into the hall and listen to what teachers say and so on. Speeches from the principal to the Form 6 teachers.

After the speeches, there were games. Actually one game. SPLIT BANANA. Heng Jian was the first victim. Then, They even drag some girls and boys to play along. Below are some random pics of them.

School ends at 1.05pm. Then Joe Hang, Beh, Ivan , Phang and I together go Burger King for Lunch. Hehe.

The Menu

Whooper Jr BK Stunner only cost rm6.25(after tax)

Ivan And Me

Phang And Beh

If you guys are wondering why there's no picture of Joe Hang, he deleted his picture from my phone. I captured a very funny pic of his. Then he sntched my phoe and deleted it..Huh~ LOL

After having lunch, we all go back to our house.

Thats all for this time.


Friday, 30 April 2010


I'm back to blogging again after 1 month away for the SHIT PLKN. Alright, overall PLKN was not that boring, but i hate the timetable!! Packed like SHIT~ Morning 5am wake up then do activities till 11pm close lights. Say oni 11pm close light but 11pm also haven back to dorm yet and by the time u back to dorm and finish bathing and so on, it's already 12am++. Try thinking, is it enough time for u to sleep? OK end of story.

Back to topic~ Why tension? I TENSION is simply because SOHAI PLKN DOESN"T ALLOW PPL WHO GO FORM6 FOR PELEPASAN AWAL!!!! They force us to stay till the end of PLKN 2nd batch which is on the 12th Of June 2010. And this SHIT over here causes those who are going for Form6 to miss 1 whole month of lesson...And who is going to be responsible for this? Form6 is hard u know...Since they can let those who are going for A levels, Matrics,College and University for pelepasan awal, why not FORM6?

And so wat to do? I really hope there's gonna be chnages about this SHIT here. My opinion is LET THOSE WHO ARE GOING FOR FORM6 for PELEPASAN AWAL also!!!

Friday, 26 February 2010

I'm Back~

Alright guys, I'm back to blogging again. It's been a long time since I last updated my blog. Busy with lots of stuff.

SPM results draws near. A bit nervous plus scared. I'm nervous and scared is not because of the results, but is what will be happening to me after that. Going college or back to SMI for Form 6.
A lot of things are bothering me right now.

First of all, going college. Can I be in the same college with her? I don't want to be seperated with her. It breaks my heart if that really happens. I like the way now. Keeping in touch with her. Hang out with her. I don't want to lose this. Hard to explain my feeling now.

Second of all, going back to SMI for Form 6. Form 6 is tough. Menas, you must realy focus on your study in order to survive it. You got one C- in ur STPM results, then you confirm cannot go university. You must start all over again by going to college and take diploma courses like most of the Form 5 graduates do. Means you waste 2 years again. But if u are really rich or something, this doesn't bother you as you can pay your way out of this misarable fact. Too bad i'm not rich.

In my mind I really want to further my studies in College. Being a GRAPHIC DESIGNER is what i want. But my dad ask me to go for Form 6.


There are a few more things bothering me but i' not gonna write in here. I'll just keep it to myself.