Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Room Gotong-royong

Alright... SPM finally over, so i decided to clean my room...haha
Now only i realise my room so messy. After cleaning it, my room looks so tidy.



I put all the unwanted notes, book, workbook and papers at one side.

Tied it together and ready to sell it to SURAT KHABAR LAMA man...

When cleaning my room, i dunno why i keep on staring at those notes, books, workbooks and papers for so long. Then, memories keep on flashing back in my head.
Just a blink of eye, my study life is over. I suddenly felt that i miss those good old days studying in school. Felt sad for a while. LOL. Dun ask me why, I also dunno why....
Anyways, a past is a past, u can't go back to the past.
Now I'm currently very free and I'm seeking a part-time job. Hope i can find one.
I also FOCUS DANCING now. Will be back to D'one in a week time. Hip Hop class. I hope Yumiko can give me more chance to perform...haha
I think thats all for now. Signing off. Bye

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