Thursday, 7 October 2010

Yo peeps. I'm back

I'm back to my blog again. LOL.

Wanna blog about myself this time. 

YESH! its about me. 

Life in form6 memang susah.Had been emo-ing for a few days already. Dunno why. Don't ask me. I had been facing a lot of preassure lately. Blames are all put on me. Stress at school. Can i hang on? I dunno.

it won't stop i tell you. especially Maths T. Cikgu itu sudahpun ajar macam bullet train, bagi kita homework pun macam bullet dari machine gun. WON'T STOP!!

And about kolukium! At last it ended. Only need to pass up the damn folio. After that, end of story and happily get my miserable 10 marks. Used 3 months to complete the whole thing. Calvyn and I represented the class for the presentation as we scored 19/20 for the presentation in class. Too bad we only manage to get No.3 on the inter-class presentation. We were aiming for No.1 actually. =( Not satisty with the results cause we are way better than the current No.1, the way they present their presentation is just reading the words inside the power point. No elaboration at all. Dunno why they win. 

EXAMS!! It's coming. exams falls on the 18th of October. All the best everyone!!


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