Friday, 30 April 2010


I'm back to blogging again after 1 month away for the SHIT PLKN. Alright, overall PLKN was not that boring, but i hate the timetable!! Packed like SHIT~ Morning 5am wake up then do activities till 11pm close lights. Say oni 11pm close light but 11pm also haven back to dorm yet and by the time u back to dorm and finish bathing and so on, it's already 12am++. Try thinking, is it enough time for u to sleep? OK end of story.

Back to topic~ Why tension? I TENSION is simply because SOHAI PLKN DOESN"T ALLOW PPL WHO GO FORM6 FOR PELEPASAN AWAL!!!! They force us to stay till the end of PLKN 2nd batch which is on the 12th Of June 2010. And this SHIT over here causes those who are going for Form6 to miss 1 whole month of lesson...And who is going to be responsible for this? Form6 is hard u know...Since they can let those who are going for A levels, Matrics,College and University for pelepasan awal, why not FORM6?

And so wat to do? I really hope there's gonna be chnages about this SHIT here. My opinion is LET THOSE WHO ARE GOING FOR FORM6 for PELEPASAN AWAL also!!!

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