Friday, 26 February 2010

I'm Back~

Alright guys, I'm back to blogging again. It's been a long time since I last updated my blog. Busy with lots of stuff.

SPM results draws near. A bit nervous plus scared. I'm nervous and scared is not because of the results, but is what will be happening to me after that. Going college or back to SMI for Form 6.
A lot of things are bothering me right now.

First of all, going college. Can I be in the same college with her? I don't want to be seperated with her. It breaks my heart if that really happens. I like the way now. Keeping in touch with her. Hang out with her. I don't want to lose this. Hard to explain my feeling now.

Second of all, going back to SMI for Form 6. Form 6 is tough. Menas, you must realy focus on your study in order to survive it. You got one C- in ur STPM results, then you confirm cannot go university. You must start all over again by going to college and take diploma courses like most of the Form 5 graduates do. Means you waste 2 years again. But if u are really rich or something, this doesn't bother you as you can pay your way out of this misarable fact. Too bad i'm not rich.

In my mind I really want to further my studies in College. Being a GRAPHIC DESIGNER is what i want. But my dad ask me to go for Form 6.


There are a few more things bothering me but i' not gonna write in here. I'll just keep it to myself.

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