Sunday, 12 September 2010

家好月圆 Steamboat Reunion

家好月圆 Steamboat Reunion
The word 家好月圆 simply means a full moon symbolizing a harmonious family. The pronunciation in chinese is 'jia hao yue yuan' or in cantonese 'ka hou yuet yuen'. We have used this word to represent the friendship among us few years back (credits to Ivan Tan

On the 9th Of September 2010, our family had a reunion at Goodtimes Steamboat. The one near Tower Regency Hotel. Why we choose here? It is simply because this place is the place where we had our first Steamboat together. It brings back a lot of memories.

There was an uncle. He ask for donations of any amount and he will give 2 packets of tissue and play a song using his 'Erhu' or harmonica. He played a song named 'Auld Lang Syne' in english or 'Friendnship Forever' in chinese. It perfectly suits the environment there.

We are the Lan Ci's  =)
Our family are still the same but we added a few family members. First, Olivia Mah, Eon's girlfriend. Haha, Eon grow up already, got girlfriend already. Second is Pui San and Chuah. They in a realationship already. They both ah, in a relationship already also don't tell the family wor.. Hehe =)
Guest List:
1.Kevin Lee
2.Chris Chow(me)
3.Fong Teik Sum
4.Eon Chen
5.Olivia Mah
6.Alson Beh
7.Ivan Tan
8.Nike Phang
9.Soon Zheng Foong
10.Vizent Tang
11.Lee Haw Tung
12.Zidane Tan
15.Chuah Teong Hui
16.Tang Kar Ming

Zidane & Soon
I'm really looking forward for the next reunion. Can't wait for it. Seriously. I miss u guys!! Really really miss those EPIC moments with you guys when in 5sc4!!

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