Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Soul Crew's Syuen Hotel Performance

18th September 2010
Soul Crew had been invited to perform for PROM NIGHT entitled POLIO-FREE FOR ALL. 
Yeah! The crew did a great job but one thing whack is the audience, Dead Crowd!! No matter how good the performances were, the crowd doesn't know how to cheer and clap hands. Not only for our performance, for other performance too. 

Anyways, this time, all of the members performed, except for Furuya due to some reason.
Members involved in the performance:
1. Leon Vong (Crew Leader)
2. Chris Chow
3.Russell Wong
4. Yi Qin
5. Edwin Chuah
6. Jax Chin
7.Jason Lim
8. Willie Chow
9. Amir a.k.a Bboy Pinoy (Guest Member)

Good Show Guys!! Really had a good time practising and performing with you guys!! 

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