Monday, 10 May 2010

Form 6 Orientation

A bit update from me before going back to PLKN.

ALright this morning i went school for Form 6 Orientation and Registeration. Arrived at school at around 9.30am. Saw lots of friends. It did cheer me up coz I never met them for so long after SPM. Saw Kelly Cheng in SMI also. Long time din saw her already. Hehe. Can consider a long lost friend. LOL.

Many Of my heng dai was back to Form 6. Kar Heng, Xinh Guan, Beh, Ivan,Haw Tung, Joe Hang and Phang. I did some stupid things when i first back to school today.

This is how it started, I saw Yoon Hong and we start to do stupid acts such as:

No.1 (Yoon Hong: Wah, u no hair wor~ Me: Wah, u got hair wor~)

No.2 (Yoon Hong: I chop u Me: blek, die lu~)

OK, after doing some crappy things with Yoon Hong, Back to business. All Lower Sixers went into the hall at 10am to be exact because we are given 30 minutes for recess after registeration. Went into the hall and listen to what teachers say and so on. Speeches from the principal to the Form 6 teachers.

After the speeches, there were games. Actually one game. SPLIT BANANA. Heng Jian was the first victim. Then, They even drag some girls and boys to play along. Below are some random pics of them.

School ends at 1.05pm. Then Joe Hang, Beh, Ivan , Phang and I together go Burger King for Lunch. Hehe.

The Menu

Whooper Jr BK Stunner only cost rm6.25(after tax)

Ivan And Me

Phang And Beh

If you guys are wondering why there's no picture of Joe Hang, he deleted his picture from my phone. I captured a very funny pic of his. Then he sntched my phoe and deleted it..Huh~ LOL

After having lunch, we all go back to our house.

Thats all for this time.


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