Sunday, 13 June 2010

Kenny Rogers Reunion

Yeah~ I like reunions. This time is ex kenny rogers workers reunion. This reunion is organised by Kar Mun and Kar Ming. They gather us all together just to have this reunion. THANKS YA~ =D. Haiz, sad to say Stephanie can't make it. She say she's busy..T.T

So, we met up with each other at JJ at 1pm yesterday. Hoi Meng and Weng Joh reach first, Kar Mun and me was second. Third was Kar Ming. We actually plan to wait Raymond at Mc Donalds but instead of wasting time waiting for him, we walk around JJ. HEHE.

Hoi Meng and I played the basketball machine in Capcom Station. SUDAH BIASA, of course i win. =p It was 4months ago since I last played that game with him. Haha. Really enjoy it. Later
we went FOOD & TEA for our lunch. Lazy to type, pictures explain it all..^.^

Can't believe them, watching JAPAN things here..haih =p

Food I ordered..Fried Prawn Mayo Rice with dessert

She's Kar Mun for your information..LOL

After we finish our lunch, Raymond Liew finally arrived. Lambat betul la dia. ISHH~

Raymond ordered this..

After that we all went Kenny Rogers and visit them. Met Miss Lisa there. Chat with her for a while. Don't know why everytime talk to her, she confirm tell things about Stephanie one..LOL. Then went blow water with some of the workers there..There are indeed some changes in KRR. Some new workers and so on. We ended our reunion with a photo.

Then i'm off to tuition~

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