Wednesday, 13 July 2016

2016 So Far: The Beginning

Back to blogging some stuff on this blog again. Yeap! Reality kicks in, got myself a job in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur on December 2015. My job was as a Junior Software Engineer at this company called BAE in short.

It was pretty interesting at the beginning before I was involved in some office politics stuff. Long story cut short, some people do not like or envy some people, some people backstab some people, and so on. I was a victim of these office politics. Typical office politics which I could not accept. I could not blend in such environment or situation where forces myself not to stay true to myself. I guess I was depressed at some point during my stay in the company. I got no confidence in coding anymore and tend to give up easily on every task given to me. Fortunately there were also some good senior colleague that guide and help me during my stay in the company.

At the same time, I'm sad to see some people would rather be bootlickers in order to stay in the company. Letting down their own dignity to boot-lick and wipe ass of their seniors. I'm sorry, I can't do that. Stay real. Stay true. Due to all these bullshits, without hesitation I hand in my resignation letter after 4 months of service in the company. Case close. I'm a free man.

During the 4th month of service in that company which is on March, I saw the news from Facebook that Astro Battleground 2016 will be having their auditions on early April. Poooffff!!! More reason to leave this company as soon as possible. So yeah, I somehow quit my job to join Astro Battleground 2016. At this moment, I chose Dream rather than Reality. It was a risk to take too at the same time. With my current savings, if I really made it to the finals of Astro Battleground 2016, by that time, I'll probably be broke AF. At the same time many asked why did I join Astro Battleground 2016. I told them I really wanted to chase my dream. I see this as a chance of a lifetime. Fuck it if I end up broke AF at the end, because what I will have in return will be a memory of a lifetime. A story that I can tell my family, my future children in the near future. Other than that, I also carry the name of my studio and my crews for it.

Without a doubt, I went for the open auditions held in Quill City Mall on April 2nd. Each participants are required to pass 4 rounds before being selected as the top50 finalist of Astro Battleground. There were around a thousand plus people auditioned for the show. My number was 439 that day.

I still can feel myself being nervous and trembling while auditioning for it. The instructor in charge for audition that day was C.Hsiang Lao Shi from Taiwan. With my current level in Hip Hop foundation, I was afraid it is not enough to impress the instructor as C.Hsiang Lao Shi's major was Hip Hop. At the same I would feel honoured for having C.Hsiang Lao Shi to acknowledge me as the top50 finalist if I were to pass all the 4 rounds. 

Hard work did pays off when the CONGRATULATIONS letter was handed to me. I'm out of words and definitely a start of something new. I felt blessed and thankful for this first moment. At the same day, 49 other participants were selected to join in the show.  There were a few familiar faces such as Foong Yaen from Silly Mistakes, Kevin from Rejuvenate and so on. 

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