Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Farewell Interbeatz

Where do I begin? It's been one hell of a journey with you peeps in Interbeatz Crew UTP​. There were so many ups and downs, so many good times and bad times. We all go through it together. We all share the moments together. That is what matters. The memories you peeps give me are the most precious gift given from you all to me. I am truly honoured to say that I once lead this magnificent team, these wonderful bunch of people who believe in me and given me tremendous support. It's not just a crew to me, it's more like a family to me already. Hahaha.

I am not as great as some of you all mentioned. I did not single handedly bring up the crew to the next level as mentioned by most of you all. It is your support, hard work and efforts that bring the crew to the level you all are today. You all should be proud of yourself. But stay humble.

" A true dancer does not dance to compete with others, it is all about expressing yourself, learning and sharing knowledge "

I'm truly blessed to have you all performing with me for my very last performance in UTP. I did my first performance with Interbeatz on this stage and I did my last performance with Interbeatz on the same stage. It does give me goosebumps when I think back about it. 

First International Cultural Night with Interbeatz in 2012

First Major Title Won with Interbeatz in 2012! Super Dancer Grand Finals!! Competitors were dance crews from China, India and other countries. We emerged as 1st Runner-Up

Second Title Won with Interbeatz in 2012! Street Challenger R2! Won 2nd Runner-Up yo!

ICN 2013

Co-Q Appreciation Day 2013

Convocation Dinner 2013

Farewell for Naz, Osman and Hosh December 2013

I will also need to take this chance to thank all the seniors that guided me during my early days in Interbeatz. TahaNajafNazHoshOsmanFaruhand Faried. You guys gave me a very warm welcome to the crew when I first entered UTP. Never treated me as stranger but always share your knowledge to me. You guys gave me the chance to learn and dance together with you all. Without you all, I guess I won't improved that much as I am today. A millions of millions of thank you to all of you.

Mashroor, please don't feel so special because I used a different photo with you than the others. It is because we did not take any pictures together during Convo Dinner. Damn we so dumb. LOLS. Can't blame a bangla like you to be dumb but me as a chinese also dumb. I can't accept that. HAHAHA

You know, you were like a brother to me. You are super friendly you know when I first met you in the haunted house for RSF. Then you joined Interbeatz. Don't let me mentioned that one time you shisha and you hide the hands in your shirt in Bangi. When you say "Aku Stress" when you really stress. Many many more happy fun moments bro. Wish that I can go back to those moments. Awesome moments indeed.

As a dancer starting from zero till who you are now, I'm proud of you man. Keep on dancing! Keep up the passion. Keep on inspiring others in the things you love to do.

Thank you bro for everything you did. For being a good friend and a crew mate. You will always be my bangla! Always bro! :)

Wunna, a comrade, a crew mate, a brother to me. This guy right here is one of those, who I started dancing with during my early days in the crew. An all-rounded dancer I can say. A person who put all his heart and soul in while dancing. Definitely gained my respect bro!

Remember the time when we won Super Dancer Pahang Qualifier, Super Dancer International and Street Challenger 2 as our early achievements in the crew alongside with a few seniors who had already graduated? What an awesome start to begin our journey as Interbeatz member right? Just a blink of eye and we are here, at the end of my journey sharing and dancing on the same stage with you. We've been through damn a lot of shits together.

I'm certainly glad and proud of who you had become now. A leader to the crew and a hardworking student (if you know what I mean. HAHAHAHA) Thank you for everything you had done for my final performance in UTP. Thank you for giving me the chance to dance with you. Thank you for taking up the responsibility to lead the crew. Thank you bro. A gazillion of millions times of thank you. *Salute* 

Yit Huan, also one of the peeps who I started dancing with during my early days. A popper that think out of the box, out of his own comfort zone to learn other style of dance. A very humble person who always seek knowledge in dancing. You have a very special taste in music bro. Haha. 

I still remember the first time I met you during one of our session in dance room. You picked up some bboying foundation move very fast. Only a few days later I know that you are a popper. When I saw you pop, I know you will definitely go far in the dance scene. You have strong foundation in popping. Your style is definitely unique from others. A bit of old school but in a cool way. I hope that you can guide the new kids, share your experience with them and a teach them about dance. 

You are a man of a few words. Silent most of the time, but always come out with the freshest idea that help me to guide the crew. You may not notice it but it does. HAHA. Thank you Yit Huan for being a good friend, a crew mate and a brother to me.Thank you for always inspiring. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Ayie, just got to know you not long ago. A new crew mate to me, but it gives me the feeling that we know each other for very long time. Maybe is the bond of the crew that make me feel like that. I can see that you have much more experience in dancing than most of the peeps in the crew. 

You thanked me for recruiting you in the crew giving you the chance to do what you like, but I am the one who should really say thank you for joining the crew and trusted me to lead you for one last time. Thank you stepping up the game in Interbeatz (Freestyle level definitely gone high after your joining), thank you for sharing me your dance stories & experience and thank you for everything you did for the crew. Thank you bro!

Jennifer! How to not get to know who are you oh? Famous until when I'm still doing my intern got people told me got a pretty girl that wear Nike Dunks and can dance. Making me so curious who you really are at first. Haha. 

A very hard working girl that never stop learning and never miss a chance to learn new things about dance. Our journey started during ICN until now. I see you grow from a normal girl to who you are today. You mentioned to me before that you just wanted to perform dance and never thought of becoming a dancer. But hey! You are not just a dancer now, but also a Champion dancer from a Champion crew. Be proud of yourself okay? Last but not least, I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to dance with you and share the stage with you. Thank you for being a sister to me, thank you for listening when I needed a listener and thank you for all the great memories.

Kimi, another talented individual. Throughout the years you showed a lot of support and travel around with me for jams and competitions. I really hope from the experience you gained can help you to improve more in you dancing. You are also one dude that everyone should look up on. Your passion for dancing are certainly embracing the new kids. Even before you join the crew, Yit Huan always told me that you keep on asking him for advice and share knowledge. I'm certainly glad and happy that you joined us at last

I always told you that your style is always different. Different as in a good way. Not much dancers dance like you bro. Not joking. Be more confident bro! I believe you can be much more better than now. HAHA. I really hope that we can dance one last time during the convo dinner though but there were things that doesn't allow us to do so. Thank you Kimi for joining the crew. Thank you for the great memories. 

Zeeta, the monster in the crew! The strongest and toughest female dancer in Interbeatz, You know how awesome it is to have you to join in the crew? It is definitely a great addition to us when we first saw you dancing on the other side of the dance room. If there is anything common that I can relate, it is the mindset of dancing

With an injured knee, you still keep on pushing yourself to the next level, never quit, never stops. But, take a rest sometimes. Recover first and continue, then only can dance more in the future. HAHAHA. You are also someone who never stop seeking knowledge for dance. Always strive for improvement to level up yourself. Thank you for stepping up the game in the crew! Thank you for all the sweat, tears and blood that make Interbeatz who they are today. Thank you for sharing the stage with me. Thank you for everything! 

Ryan, a brother, a crew mate and disciple to me. You certainly and definitely improved damn a lot from the first day I taught you how to dance. Your passion for dancing are definitely something that everyone in the crew should look up on. I know most of the time you will go to dance room yourself to dance and train. That hard work though! Damn! Even I don't train like that, that often. *RESPECT* 

That is what makes you who you are today. Be proud of yourself as a bboy and as a dancer. Time to step the game up aight! Join some battles maybe? HAHAHA. See you soon in some of the jams in the future. Thank you for being a creative person. Thank you for all the passion you have poured and showered upon Interbeatz. 

Kok Hang! Although the time I spent with you in the crew are quite less but I can feel the passion in you. You really reminds me of the young me. I shit you not, I'm serious. Always find ways to learn about dance, bboying and other form of dance. That passion is so pure. Promise me to improve yourself. I hope that the next time I see, you can come lansi me again. You have good foundation in bboying! Keep it up brother! 

Thank you for joining the crew. Thank you giving me the chance to teach you a thing or two. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for sharing the stage one last time with me. 

Mei Yan, someone who is dearest to me. The girl who caught my attention from the moment I saw you dancing at the other side of the dance room. Like what you said, although we knew each other for only less than a year, but the memories we shared are definitely a lot, a lot a lot. 

Young, cute and talented person who are able to pick up the dance steps easily. What makes me so impressed is that you are able to match the level of the people in Inter Nexus. We were all experienced dancers with 4-5 years of experience and you are able to cope up with us. Damn. Fell in love lor. HAHAHA. 

Okay, get ready ya. Please don't cry when you see this :p

You are my motivation in almost everything I do during a period of time. It feels so comfortable due to your presence. We could even chat from day to night. We can just crap about May J, dance, jokes and whatever we want like nobody's business. It was the happiest moment in my life.

I cannot deny that you are that one so important person to me. You are still important to me.Without your presence, none of the things I achieve today are able to be achieved. Thank you for being there. Thank you for your words. Thank you for your motivation. You may not notice it but some of the little things you did really matters. It makes me want to be better in everything I do. Thank you my dearest, thank you my lucky star. Gonna miss you so badly. Gonna miss you lot. :)

Wayn, Ding, Loo, Sam, Maegan, Praveena, Sai, and Joshana. Thank you peeps once again for sharing the stage with me for one last time. I never thought of Interbeatz one day will have 18 person dancing on the stage together, It is you all who make this moment to become a reality. To me it is an impossible dream but you peeps help the crew to make it possible. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all. Keep on dancing. Keep on creating history for Interbeatz. 

Definitely will miss you all. Sincerely, Chris ;)


  1. Man you make me sad when u said u wanna dance with me for the last convo :( but yeah,some things get in our way.Thanks for being an awesome bro.Will remember your words and advice,especially 'lansi me when u see me' xD and i will try ny best to be more confident.Thanks for everything.See you again bro :')

  2. I told you to wait till I got back, it's your fault there aren't any pics!! :p never would've started dancing if it wasn't for you mate, can't thank you enough for that, but that's still not the biggest thing you've done for me ;) thank you, man, for everything. I'll do my best to improve and make you proud.