Sunday, 20 December 2015

December 19th

This post right here is dedicated to a very special friend of mine who just turned 22 on December 19th.
Ever since I knew her, I'd never failed to celebrate birthday with/for her, well at least the first year I knew her was just a simple wish. LOLS. Years after that was surprise celebrations and last year was the most unpredictable one la. I stupidly go make cupcakes for her as her birthday cake and threw a surprise celebration for her right after a test in the test hall.

19/12/2014 Birthday Girl and the cupcakes
Although this year she's in Singapore, it doesn't stop me from throwing a surprise for her. Haha. Yeap, a surprise which somehow ended not so surprised due to some reasons. Funny though. LOLS.

Started planning on what should I do to surprise her for her birthday about a month before her actual birthday. Don't really have much idea on what to do due to the distance issue. She at Singapore and I'm in Malaysia (although it is just the matter of crossing a bridge).

Really cracked my head nicely to think of the ideas (although I already got an initial plan but I still want to think of other ideas) until one fine day, I saw her posting regarding this kids jacket from Uniqlo. AHAH! Idea strikes *Ding Dong* Surprise her by sending her that particular jacket. Here is a picture of her wearing the jacket.

Retrieved from her twitter
It's a Toys Story Alien Limited Edition Kids Jacket as far as I'm concerned. I searched most of the Uniqlo outlets here in Malaysia and I failed to find any. Now, I got 2 things to solve. Find the jacket and get her Singapore address. Stupidly, I pm-ed one of her close friend that she always hang out with in Singapore to ask for a favor and the address. And stupidly, her friend thought that I'm a "ham sup lou" (I guess only la). What's so funny about it was that particular friend of hers pm-ed a friend of mine to ask who am I. The world so small, they knew each other.

Bla bla bla. In the end, I got the address but her friend wasn't able to do me a favor cos her friend will be going back to Ipoh soon.
At this moment,
Issue 1: Address (CHECKED)
Issue 2: Jacket (UNIDENTIFIED)

I panic-lah this time. 7 more days til the actual date of her birthday. Time to disturb some friends from Singapore, a friend who is in Hong Kong and a friend who is in Japan at that time being to help me look for the jacket. Guess what, that jacket is only available in Singapore and it only can be found in Orchard Uniqlo main outlet. Dope-sial this Toys Story Alien jacket. At this moment of time, I kinda lost hope til she sent me the picture below on December 15th.

Ok la. Since she already bought it, I shall execute the initial plan. I rang my cousin who is residing in Singapore for a favor. My cousin helped me to get the things done nicely. Errr, with a bit of addition words in the notes though. Lols. Really grateful that the surprise plan was well planned at this moment of time, just 2 days left before her actual birthday.

TADDA!!! Yes, I sent her a bouquet of flowers. 6 Pink roses which stands for admiration. It is also to convey beauty and grace :) Birthday Flower Bouquet. Hehehe. The bouquet of flowers reached her house at around 10.30am on December 19th but this pretty lady here was still sleeping. So, the deliver-girl left the bouquet if flowers outside her house.

See, this is how the surprise became not so surprise already. I actually have to give a call to this chiobu (pretty girl) to wake her up. Surprisingly, she did not pick up my phone and continue her sleep (tidur mati orang ni =.=). Hence, I sent her a message on Whatsapp to ask her to check out her door when she woke up.

She woke up around 12pm ish on the day with this bouquet of flowers is waiting for her at her door step! Woohoo! Remember I mentioned the surprise was not so surprise? Cos the friend of hers that I ask the favor from actually told her that I asked for the address. So, MingMiin yang amat pandai ini already can guess I will actually do something. Hahaha. I'm actually very very glad and felt blessed that she liked that surprise. WOOHOOO~

She actually snapchatted about it but I can't save any snapchat video. So no video attachment for you all. HAHAHA. But there is a snap as below :D WHEEEEE~

Dear Ming Miin, 

Once again after don't know how many times I wished you on different platforms. Happy Blessed Birthday to you. Really glad that you like the little surprise bouquet of flowers. Looking forward for many many many more years of your birthdays and other get together. 

Sincerely, Chris :)

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