Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Job done? I guess..

Went to Dance Centre this morning at 11am. Went there to teach the kids the dance routine again. Well, the kids improves a lot since the last time i saw them which is on last Saturday. Din really choreograph much routine in it. Just used back some old routine and improvised it.

Half way through, Russell came, then Leon came. Mimi and the others was there since 11am.
but, someone is missing in action today.

Couldn't finish the whole routine today. Still got a little part more. Just 2 more eights to go somewhere in the middle. The whole routine is a combination of Hip Hop steps and a bit of Ballet. Hip Hop + Ballet?? Isn't that Step Up 1? haha
 FYI, all the kids are ballerinas. No harm putting ballet in it. :p
Group Photo :)
Miss Chin will be choreographing the ballet part, so, can i consider my job done? Haha. I will try to come for the last rehearsal on next Wednesday if i could make it. The kids will be competing on the 27th Of May which is next Friday.

All The Best To You Girls!

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