Wednesday, 26 January 2011


SOUL CREW participated in the CLUB9 DANCEOFF COMPETITION on the 23rd Of January 2011. This is an open competition, which means all kind of dance are allowed in this competition. Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Krumping, Shuffle and so on so on. Solo and Groups are in the same category. There a total of 7 competitors that day. 3 groups and 4 Solos.

Champion gets rm500 cash while 1st and 2nd Runners up get a bottle of SMIRNOFF VODKA.

From left: Chris(me), Akira, & Leon
Each solo's or groups are to prepare 2 routines. 1st routine for qualifier and 2nd routines for the ranking. So, Soul Crew qualified to proceed to the next round and we manage to get a TIE with Kaze (solo) in the routine showcase. We were told by the organizer that we are to battle to see who walk out with the rm500 cash for the champion. Since Kaze is a solo competitor, he can choose 2 teammates to help him. He chose Yik and Chung

The result was:

1st Runner Up : Soul Crew
2nd Runner Up: SZ Chung

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