Friday, 7 September 2012

Hitting the Big 20 with Surprise :)

It was a normal 5th September 2012, Wednesday where everyone is busy studying and revising for final exams.PS: UTP Final Exam starts from 30th August till 8th September. So, Jerry suggested to have lunch at the nearby Drive-Thru McD. The plan was to have our lunch there and then continue by having group study at the same place. We were joined by Stephen and Ming Miin

 We had our lunch and then proceed with the group study. Everything was normal until evening. Kien Ee, Danny and Li Juan came along too. Shanice and Jia Shyan reached not long after them. Michael was here too, Jerry fetched him. Its around dinner time so we all had our dinner at McD again. Chit chat a while after a long day of revising Discrete Maths. Bla bla bla..
Suddenly Jerry was holding a cake from behind. And there goes la the birthday song :') I am really touched by what my bunch of friends did to me. Giving me a surprise and all :D Moreover, I only knew them and were only close to them not long ago. Plus exams was just the next day, I never expect they will give me a surprise. Really really appreciate it. I'm very blessed to have such wonderful friends here in UTP.

 The surprise was also to Michael and Jia Shyan who will be hitting their Big 20! :) Michael's birthday 8th September and Jia Shyan's on the 17th September. Happy Birthday in advance to both of you! CHEERS 
 Thank you very very much "Techies Chinese" :D
Yeap, we call ourselves the Techies Chinese. ICT/BIS courses people ;)

Not to forget about Ivan and Vizent. They gave me a present yo! The present were two pieces of PDI shirts yo! I really like the design of the shirt. Haha. Simple, plain and nice. Thanks my fellow brothers.

A note to Ivan, do take care yourself when you are at India. Enjoy your university life there aight? Most important of all have fun there! Come back in one piece! Please don't get over exited about pokemons when you reach India. lulz. If you know what I mean ;) We all gonna miss you! TAKE CARE!

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  1. dont worry chow, i will take care of myself and all the best to u too~ =')